Scott Family Reunion: Heber Valley Camp

This year for Josh’s extended family reunion we did an overnight in Heber. If you’re in UT you NEED to visit Heber, it’s gorgeous. His uncle reserved a camp site for everyone, but with 3 littles I just didn’t want to deal with camping haha so we got a hotel really close by.

Since we would be out of town, I did my long run the Tuesday before, 13 miles done!

We met up Friday evening for dinner, camp fire songs and smore’s and catching up with family. My kids were in heaven, it really was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.

We headed to the hotel(Jackson stayed with Josh’s parents and his cousins Cal and Porter in the cabin) and got a little bit of sleep. The next morning we were up and out to meet up with the family for a hike.

I couldn’t get over the views. The lake was beautiful and I loved chatting with everyone along the way.

After, the kids played with cousins and we all hung out and enjoyed some fresh fruit.

From Heber we headed to Oakley to spend time with Josh’s immediate family at their cabin. There was yummy food, ATV rides, card games, and lots of cousin time. It was the best!

Coopers first time to the cabin and first ATV ride.

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1 Response to Scott Family Reunion: Heber Valley Camp

  1. Lindsay says:

    SIGN ME UP for the HOTEL room … I do NOT to camping outside. I mean I am happy to go on hikes, ride my bike, or boat on the lake BUT come bedtime I need to be sleeping in an air conditioned bug free room! 🙂

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