Japan 2019 Day 1

When an opportunity to hike Mt. Fuji came to Josh and I we couldn’t pass it up! Josh’s parents live in Singapore for work and his dad travels to Tokyo often as well. He invited us on a quick trip(5days) to Japan to climb Mount Fuji. I talked with my mom about watching my kids and seeing if leaving Cooper(10 months old and still breastfeeding) was a possibility. Quickly my sisters and sister in laws jumped in and said they would help too and that we should go. I am SO grateful for all the people in my life who love my kids and are willing to help.

For a month prior I pumped and saved enough milk for Cooper to have while I was gone and then bought a hand pump to use while in Japan(that made things interesting, but it worked)!

We flew out early on a Wednesday and arrived in Tokyo on a Thursday afternoon. The flight was long, but relaxing and so fun to watch, read, eat when and what I wanted without any kids to worry about haha.

We met up with Josh’s brother and brother in-law who also were able to come. We walked around Shinagawa and of course enjoyed delicious food.

I can’t sleep on a plane so by 8:30pm(3:30am back home) I was SO tired. We fell asleep fast and then I woke up at 3am starving and had a protein bar and then slept till 5:30. We were up ready to start our trek to Mt. Fuji.

We took the train and then a 3 hour bus drive up the mountain.

^on the bus

To be continued….

Day 2 here

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4 Responses to Japan 2019 Day 1

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wow … what an incredible opportunity. I would love to know more about the behind the scenes work needed to book this trip (did you have to get a visa?), what airline did you use, and where did you stay once you got there??

    • Sugarplumrunner says:

      We used points and flew Delta so from Utah we flew to LA and then to Tokyo. No I didn’t need a Visa just a valid passport.
      My father in law’s co-worker booked the guide. They were called Cool Gets. It was about $200 per person and that included the bus ride up from Shinjuku(there are lots of hotels there to choose from), the guide, lodging on the mountain for 1 night, dinner and breakfast at the lodge, and a hot spring spa after you get down the mountain. In tomorrow’s post there’s pics and details about all that.

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