Japan Day 2-3: Climbing Mt. Fuji

You can read about day 1 here.

After the 3 hour bus drive we hung out at the 5th station lodging area. You can get food, use the bathroom, get souvenirs and prepare for the all day/night hike up Fuji. We bought a wooden stick(long walking sticks are available too) that you can get stamped on the way up as you reach each station.

My father in laws co-workers were hiking with us and hired a guide. It was nice to have someone who new the mountain very well and paced BUT the hike was so slow and at times it was hard to be patient. On the other hand, I’m glad we went slow enough so we didn’t get altitude sickness.

The views were incredible and the weather was PERFECT! It wasn’t hot or cold on the way up, just right and no rain.

We started hiking at noon and got to our lodge for the night at 7pm. They had a dinner for us and a breakfast…not the best food, but it’s calories you need. I brought protein bars and snacks so some of us didn’t eat the breakfast provided😬

You get about a foot of “sleeping”space (really just a place to rest) until we started the final ascend at 2am.

As we started the final hike there were SO many people. I have never experienced something like this. We were climbing up large boulders and I felt like we were climbing over people because it was so crowded. It was wild.

Made it to the top and celebrated my 30th Birthday with a gorgeous sunrise.

It was very cold at the top, but the weather was still clear and beautiful.

We hung out for awhile and then started the hike down. It took us about 3 hours and it was VERY steep!

We drove to a traditional Japanese hot spring bath and had lunch with our group.

Later that night we went out for a birthday dinner. Definitely a birthday I’ll never forget!

You can read about our last day here

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2 Responses to Japan Day 2-3: Climbing Mt. Fuji

  1. Lindsay says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!! What a great experience! Hope you enjoyed your hike, time at the hot baths, and dinner with the group! The strawberry cake looks delicious! Glad you could get cake on your big day! 🙂

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