Cooper meets Great Grandpa Gwynn

A month ago my mom, Cooper and I snuck away for a weekend in Washington. Josh took work off and watched the 3 older kids. He was so cute with the kids and took on all dad duties like a champ. He’s so fun!

My mom and I went to visit my grandpa. I wanted Cooper to meet him and I just wanted to be “home” for a bit. It was a great trip spent with family.

Cooper was great, he’s a chill babe but would not sleep without being right by me nursing haha I don’t mind one bit, but I wasn’t able to run at all in the beautiful Washington weather. Oh well, times and seasons for everything right?

I loved seeing my brothers and their families and aunts and uncles. Next time I’m bringing my whole family!

Something I want to remember about this trip is when my mom and I bought steak(one of my grandpas fav dinners) to make dinner at his house with him. The way his face lit up and he began whistling and setting the table. He went to the basement and looked around for a high chair for Cooper and when he couldn’t find one he said the next time I came he’d have one made(he’s amazing at wood work).

At almost 90 he always makes everyone feel loved and special. He and my late grandma are incredible. I’ll never get over how many great grandkids they have(and still growing).

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