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It happened, I ran and survived!

Workout Monday- 2 miles on treadmill, 8 min abs, lots of stretching. . .like so much. Indoor soccer game: tied 7:7 I ran. It felt so good to run again. I went super slow and didn’t try anything crazy just … Continue reading

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Jackson’s 2nd Birthday

*all pictures are from my phone, my SIL took great pics with her camera, but these are what I have now=) Last Saturday was Jackson’s 2nd Birthday. It was such a fun day. I was probably more excited than he … Continue reading

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Why do I even buy baby toys?

Workout Tuesday- 4.5 miles, 8:53 pace I can’t remember the last time I did a .5 mile instead of just finishing up the mile. Well, yesterday J was done and since he’s usually amazing and lets me do 6-7 miles … Continue reading

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Fun Friday Facts 10.0

Fun Friday Facts 1. While I get ready in the morning I gate off the bathroom because J loves to play in the toilet. Lovely, I know. Everyday while I do my hair/makeup he empties my shoes from the closet … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tangents

Workout Monday- 6 miles, 9:20 pace I needed to get them miles in a bit earlier on Monday. I got a few miles in before the lil one woke up, but when he did I made him a comfy bed … Continue reading

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Fun Friday Facts 7.0

Workout Yesterday- 6 miles, 9:30 pace + Shoulder workout J loves to do weights with me=) Yesterday was another gorgeous day. We brought lunch outside. No better way to refuel after a workout than with lunch out in the sun. … Continue reading

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what did people do without blow dryers?

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on yesterday’s post on running vocab! You guys had a few more to add to the list, so I thought I’d share them here: DNF– Did not finish, referring to a race(usually due to … Continue reading

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A day in the sun

Workout Monday(yesterday)- 5 miles + arm workout A couple of weeks ago my left leg(towards my hip) was sore. I took days off or cross trained on the bike. Last week I felt fine, but again during yesterday’s run I … Continue reading

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Fun Friday Facts 6.0

Fun Friday Facts 1. If I’m in a sad/overwhelmed/ happy/excited mood these will make me 10000x happier. So, if I’m in any mood, this box of deliciousness will put a smile or bigger smile on my face. (and J’s, he’s … Continue reading

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Catching Moments

Workout Tuesday-5 miles + Strength training Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days where I have a lot of aha moments. Sometimes all I can think about is the next thing. I’ve mentioned I have my ‘to … Continue reading

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