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Stretching, meeting new friends, and shirtless

workout monday- 4 miles +strength circuit Yesterday’s workout was a killer! I can’t wait to share it with you, but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow(: Until then, here’s a friendly reminder to ssttrreetch. It’s very important in … Continue reading

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A day in the sun

Workout Monday(yesterday)- 5 miles + arm workout A couple of weeks ago my left leg(towards my hip) was sore. I took days off or cross trained on the bike. Last week I felt fine, but again during yesterday’s run I … Continue reading

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Races, Baby, Dinosaurs Oh My!

Workout Saturday-4 miles, slow and steady 9:38pace After 2 days off, I was ready to run again. I had no intentions of taking 2 days off this week(will be 3 counting this Sunday), but I felt like it so I … Continue reading

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Fun Friday Facts 6.0

Fun Friday Facts 1. If I’m in a sad/overwhelmed/ happy/excited mood these will make me 10000x happier. So, if I’m in any mood, this box of deliciousness will put a smile or bigger smile on my face. (and J’s, he’s … Continue reading

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Runner Safety

Workout Wednesday- planned, Tempo Run, 7 miles Ikea is a store that you can spend 3 days in. The boys and I will walk around in there forever finding new organizers, pillows, whatever. Yesterday, I went there with some girlfriends … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday+Goals

Workout Monday- planned 5 miles + stretching Yesterday was a very successful rest day. I even did a little foam rolling. . . Okay, that’s one of J’s foam blocks, but it does the job. Don’t worry, I’m looking for … Continue reading

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My First 15 miles!!!!!

Workout Saturday-15 miles, 8:57 pace I was seriously so excited to run all night long. I get so excited when I’m doing something for the first time. Running past the 13.1 mile marker was a huge barrier in my mind. … Continue reading

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The Second Best Thing

Workout Tuesday- Warmed up on the bike 10 min, 15 min shoulder workout We received the best package in the mail yesterday!!! For the hubs Birthday on the 9th I got him an exercise bike for our gym. During the … Continue reading

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Monday Runday…finally=)

Workout Monday- 7 miles, 9:51 pace Yesterday I made banana chocolate chip pancakes for the boys and I. They were delicious! J gobbled his up and wanted more, that boy can eat! Josh usually has meetings for church on Sunday … Continue reading

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Just a Typical Tuesday

Workout Tuesday- 3 miles, 9:39 pace, slow and really hard for me. Today’s run was just one I wanted to be finished before I even started. I’m glad I did 3, it’s better than 0 in my mind. After, I … Continue reading

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