Date Night, Little Moments, and week #2 marathon training

Josh and I went to our first ever Real Salt Lake soccer game last week. He got tickets through work and the weather couldn’t have been any better. We ate dinner together that wasn’t good but we didn’t care, we loved having each other’s undivided attention.

I’m so grateful to my mom and Josh’s mom who babysit for us often so we can have date nights.


For the last couple of months I’ve been writing in a gratitude journal every night. I write 10 things I’m grateful for from that day and it can’t be the same as the day or even week before. It’s helps me pay attention throughout the day to the little things. Here are just a few:

Easy summer dinner

Warm evening breeze

Lily sharing her backpack with Claire

Finding J, Lily, and Claire in Lily’s bed reading after my run.

 3 freshly bathed babes<—-prob one of my top 5 fav things

Week 2 Marathon training

Monday- 7 miles; 4 mile warmup with 2 miles of hills and 1 mile c/d

Tuesday- legs + 4 slow miles

Wednesday- 5 easy pace miles

Thursday- 5 progression miles

Friday- arms + abs 1 hr workout

Saturday- 10 miles

Total Miles-31 miles- First 30 mile week in over a year!


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Cowbunga Bay with the Scott’s

The day after the 4th we headed to Cowbunga bay with Josh’s family. We’ve been a few times before and knew we would have a blast. Bonus: Josh took the day off so he got to spend the day with us too. He’s definitely the fun parent and took the older boys on the big slides and even took Lily down the big ones she is allowed on.

Claire would not be left out, Josh ALSO took Claire down the little slide in the little kid area about 20x. I took the kids in the lazy river and went down the slide with Claire, but I was keeping Cooper happy/fed so I’ll do the big slides next time.

We all loved having cousins, Aunt Whitney and Grandma Lee Lee there. We spent the whole day there and came home wiped out!

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4th of July 2019

Another awesome year celebrating THE best holiday.

Snuck out for a 5 mile run

Made festive pancakes with berries

My sister in-laws and mother in-law are so fun and set up tie dye shirts for the 4th. They turned out so cute and the kids loved them!

The parade is one of my fav traditions.

Oh and so are the afternoon naps, which this year happened later than normal. The girls would not nap, but Josh took over parent duties so I could relax for a bit while Cooper slept. It was heavenly.

Dinner, fireworks(J and Cal got to light them all off!), and birthday celebrations for my nephew.

It was COLD! The first time since I’ve lived here(11 years) it wasn’t lava hot haha.

Claire liked the fireworks from a distance..

Love where we live and I am so grateful for all those who fight for our freedoms.

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A Bed Made or a Made Bed

Little did we know when we bought our bed it would be made for 6.

Lazy mornings when all the kids meander in with sleepy eyes, bed heads and rosy little cheeks are my favorite. They always step over me to get to Josh #favparent to give him kisses and hugs and then eventually find me. After a few minutes they usually demand breakfast, but some mornings we can get away with shows and a few more minutes of sleep.

Funny story about our mattress. When we bought it we had to drive about 25 minutes with it in a flat bed trailer that we pulled behind our car. Being young and naive we didn’t think a heavy king mattress needed to be strapped down. Well, as we were driving along the freeway it flew out! Luckily the people behind us saw it happening and stopped. No one was hurt, and a guy pushed it to the side out of the way. Then me and my sister in law WENT AND SAT ON IT ON THE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY while Josh took the next exit to turn around and pick it us up. So so dumb. Oh and I was 6 mo pregnant with my 1st, Jackson.



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Grab me some peanuts and apple jacks

Jackson has been so excited for his first time playing baseball. Josh played baseball for 9 years, so it’s been fun for the 2 of them to practice together.

I’ve loved the excuse to get out on summer nights, eat some milk duds and chat with family while watching J play the game. He’s getting good and enjoys it a lot.

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Grandma’s House

There’s always been something special about grandma’s house. It was probably that there were no rules, we could eat ice cream, and all our cousins were there to make memories with.

I’m so glad my mother in law gets to spend the Summer in Utah. My kids LOVE going to grandma’s house and playing on her water slide, tie dying shirts, eating yummy treats, and being with grandma and cousins.


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A change of plans and week 1 marathon training

I am so glad several of you reached out to tell me the Big Cottonwood Marathon wouldn’t be a great first time marathon. I had been feeling that way for sometime and read a few blog posts of others who warned that the downhill was BRUTAL. I was trying to find a marathon close to home, in the Fall so I had time to train, and near my 30th Birthday because why not? BUT after hearing from a few of you, I have decided to NOT run Big Cottonwood Marathon and sign up for the SoJo( South Jordan) Marathon October 12th. I would love to do the St. George marathons, but I also want to sleep in my own bed and have a familiar routine for my first marathon.

The SoJo Marathon does have some uphill from mile 3-6, but the rest is flat or downhill. I’ll be training for those hills and would love any tips you have for my first marathon.

Since changing marathons, I now have 15 more weeks of training. I think that will be ideal!

Would you guys be interested in what my training looks like? I already keep my own training journal, but will post it if that’s something people are interested in.

Here’s what week 1 looked like:

monday- 3 slow miles(sore from race) + arm workout

tuesday- 4 miles comfortable pace

wedneday- 4.5 miles hill training; 1 mi w/u, 2.5 mi on incline, 1 mi cool down

Thursday- legs+.5 mi(ran out of time)

Friday- 5 miles +core

Saturday- 7.5 miles outside(slept in so it was sunny)

Total mileage 24.5—-

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More projects: Basement Gym

Last weekend Josh finished our basement floor. We had new carpet installed everywhere but in our gym. He decided to put down laminate and I think he did an amazing job.

I don’t understand how he just looks it up on YouTube and then does it. I would be way too nervous. It was a lot of work mostly for Josh since I was watching kids, but I love how it turned out!



After(still haven’t done finishing touches and put workout equipment back, it was too late when we finished!)

He and my dad finished our second to last yard project too(we are still waiting on our garden boxes). We had sand and rock delivered and filled the kids sandbox with fresh sand and my dad and Josh finished putting rock around our retaining wall on the front and side yard. It turned out so great! It’s a lot less maintenance too. We’ve been trying to pick away at our overwhelming yard to make it a little more manageable. I feel so much better about it now. I’ve planted things I love and enjoy taking care of like my lilac trees. I love lilacs!


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Our last project(for now) is our garden box. We had it made to fit our space and I love how it turned out. I am so excited to see if we get anything!

Everyone in the family is having a good time helping. Even my mom helped me find good plants.

We’re planting tomatoes, squash, pumpkins(thanks to our sweet neighbors) and bell peppers, watermelon, and strawberries, basil and cilantro. We’ll see how it goes since we’re a little late this year.

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Race recovery and what’s next

Saturday after the half marathon I came home had a protein drink, lots of water, lots of veggies and then Josh and I went on a celebratory date night(thanks mom for watching the kids).

I chose the Cheesecake Factory, one of my fav restaurants and we had a gift card. #winning

I tried something new and went with the shrimp scampi, it was good but not as good as my fav Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp.

I foam rolled my sore quads, drank more water and went to bed early.

Sunday I rested, stretched, drank more water, took a nap, more veggies and my homemade cinnamon rolls, and then my sister foot zoned me. She said I liked healthy and she could only see that my left arm was a bit sore. Unrelated to the race…I just carry a 20lb baby all day and sometimes all night haha.

Monday morning I felt so much better. I could go down stairs pretty normally ha and ran 3 slow miles and did an arm workout. Compression sleeves help me so much when I recovering.

Monday marked my 1st day of MARATHON TRAINING!! I’m 12 weeks away and pretty nervous but mostly excited to push myself towards a new goal.

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