Black Island Farm 2017

img_1727This year we headed up to Neeley’s on a Monday afternoon. Josh wasn’t thrilled on the idea of driving 2+ hours after work and I totally get that, so I picked my mom and we headed to my sisters. She made us delicious white chili, then we headed over.

It was a beautiful fall night, not too cold or too warm. The kids were having a blast running from one activity to the other until J got left behind at one of the slides. I was with Lily and Claire, and once I realized he wasn’t with the older kids we ran back to where they last were. Luckily, he had stayed right where he was and we found him quick, but not before he shed a few tears. #momfail

Once we got on the hayride and it got dark it got cold FAST. Luckily we had jackets and blankets. All the kids(with the help of my mom and my bro-in law Daryl) picked out pumpkins. Lily couldn’t stop talking about the farm animals, tractor ride and pumpkins. Fall is the very best!

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Claire at 10mo

Claire has been so mobile lately! She gets anywhere she wants with a cute little zombie crawl because her left leg sorta drags. She pulls herself up onto furniture but is not interested in walking at all.

She says ‘mama’, ‘dadda’, and babbles all day long. She loves to mimic Lily and J. Will be in the car and if Lily playfully screams, Claire copies and everyone starts laughing.

She is always happy and smiley and just follows the kids around. She loves to play whatever their playing. Lily has been obsessed with Trolls lately and Claire will sit and watch with Lily and dance to all the songs. She loves feeding herself and will swat the spoon away if I try and feed her. It’s hard coming up with finger food when she only has 1 tooth and hasn’t been introduced to all dairy yet. But she loves avocados, pasta, bananas, pears, mandarin oranges, peas, olives, and little pieces of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She still nurses a lot mostly because it’s what is convenient for the both of us. I have no idea when I’ll wean her.

She sleeps great, but the last little while she has been pretty unlucky with sickness. She had an sinus infection that went into an ear infection, then thrush, then a nasty stomach bug. She’s healthy now(knock on wood), and was still so happy during most of that, but just didn’t sleep very great.

She is such a sweet heart. Lily calls her, “my Chair buggy” and it melts my heart! Love these sweet kiddos.

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Lily Mae at 2 yrs. old

I found Lily the other day shoving every shoe she owns into our downstairs toilet. That same day I saw her hugging Claire and kissing the top of her head as she shared her baby doll. These 2 scenarios describe Lily perfectly. She is BUSY, but in the quiet moments(not too quiet haha) she’s often found kissing Claire or snuggled up to J watching a show. She has THE cutest smile and plump cheeks. Lily cant get enough of her binkys, chocolate milk, and Josh. She LOVES Josh and is definitely a daddy’s girl.

She loves to get her nails painted by me, chapstick and gum from grandma, and candy from dad. She is a girly girl through and through.

Making people laugh is her favorite thing to do. She’ll jump, dance, make the FUNNIEST faces to get you to laugh.

She may be little, but she is fierce! I love her spunky personality. When she cuddles I soak it all in because it doesn’t always last long for that busy girl. She colors, paints, loves to be outside looking for “kitty cats” and swinging. She loves J and wants to do everything he’s doing and he usually lets her.

She is such a light in our family. I love getting one on one time with her because she is hilarious. She has started to talk so much more and we have loved seeing her personality shine even more.

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Jackson Turns 6!

I cannot believe I have a 6 year old!

J started kindergarten and has loved every single day so far. He always talks about his friends, what he’s learning, and of course who “hit rock bottom” that day at school( a term they use if their frog gets moved from the lily pad to the branch, and then to the rocks and ‘hit rock bottom’). He is was SO concerned the first few days that he was going to get moved haha He is definitely a rule follower.

Jackson Joshua:

  • loves his sisters and will do anything for them
  • loves apples
  • obsessed with losing his teeth(will wiggle them even when they aren’t lose yet)
  • people pleaser
  • sensitive
  • mamas boy
  • hard worker
  • leader
  • patient
  • imaginative
  • always has a notebook for drawing or writing(he’ll copy words from books)
  • loves having ‘guys night out’ with dad to get Boba drinks

Jackson is my buddy and is always willing to help me. He hardly ever complains when most of his life is catering to his 2 sisters. When I get to spoil him, he is so grateful and easily pleased. He has the most animated eyebrows and always knows how to get anyone in the family to laugh. He has a big heart and loves learning about Jesus. He always asks such great questions, and is such an example to me. He forgives easily and wants the best for everyone.

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Jackson and Lily’s 6yr and 2 yr birthday Parties

Jackson has been planning his birthday party all year long. In fact, the day after his birthday he literally started planning next years(he wants a Mine Craft theme) haha. I love this kid! He wanted a Pokemon themed party and was totally okay sharing parties with Lily who wanted a Minnie Mouse themed party.

We ended up having the Scott side of the family over on Lily’s actual birthday for pizza and desserts. I’m no Pinterest mom, in fact, I’m better known for my Pinterest fails haha so the desserts came out a bit creepy, but the kids ate them and J loved helping plan his cupcakes that turned out decent.

My nephew Ezra’s birthday is 3 days before Lily’s, and he happens to love Mickey Mouse so we also celebrated him!

Everyone had a great time watching the kids open presents, eat yummy food and of course play pin the tail on the donkey! J was adamant that we play that game, luckily we found one at Walmart. I love how into parties he gets and his requests are so funny.

Lily was most excited about her Minnie Mouse outfit we surprised her with.

We celebrated with my family on Jackson’s actual Birthday, 3 days later, up at Cherry Hill Water Park. I brought Pokemon cookies that melted in the Sun haha and everyone sang to him and Lily and they got to open presents. J said it was the best Birthday he’s ever had(he has said that every year).

The kids got totally spoiled and felt so loved. It was another great Birthday week for my Summer babies!


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Claire at 9mo.

Okay, I’m sure I say this every month, but 9 months really is the best! She is so social and giggles at everyone. She’s growing so fast and already acting like such a big girl. It makes my heart so happy to see her grow and develop and become a little person.


  • Height: 30%
  • Weight: 30%

Claire at 9 mo:

  • can go from laying down to sitting up
  • crawling
  • eats anything and everything I give her. She still hasn’t been introduced to diary yet, but after her appt. I will prob start
  • She’s getting 1 tooth on the bottom right(at the same time J is losing the bottom right tooth, so crazy)
  • She takes 3 naps
  • Loved traveling to Portland with Josh and I and was definitely the most popular with everyone we saw


I love how she loves to play with Lily and J. They will play wrestle and she laughs and laughs. She has definitely started getting more stranger danger and loves her mama(and I don’t mind one bit ha). She loves taking baths, playing in water all summer,  and going on walks in the stroller.

She got her first ear infection along with a cold. It was so sad! Lily had the same cold and ear infection, so it was a LONG week. The older she gets the more her and Lily feel like twins to me. I’m constantly holding them both, tending them both, feeding them, and I lay them in an assembly line for diaper changes. They’re on the same schedule so that’s nice haha.

Claire is such a sweetheart, I can’t wait for her first birthday!


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Claire at 8 mo.

img_0938Claire has hit so many milestones this month! She is still just the happiest little bug and a little piece of heaven. I know that’s cheasy, but I just adore her and her calm happy personality. I knew adding a 3rd child would be hectic, but she makes it a smooth ride!

Claire at 8 mo:

  • started scooting on her belly forward and back
  • loves eating solid food
  • still takes 4 naps but is tranisitioning to 3
  • sleeps through the night most nights 8pm-7:30am
  • still laughs the hardest for her bro and sis(especially lily)

She has the best gummy smile and squinty eyes(like her mama:)) and crinkles her nose and snorts like Lily did at this age.

I love that she always pats my back while I am calming her down for nap time(Lily did the same thing) and that she’s always content with whatever we’re doing.

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Simple Summer Days

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted just our regular day. As I write this I’m sitting on our back deck under my favorite leafy tree. Jackson filled up our little pool for him and Claire(Lily is still snoozing away) and their giggles fill the warm air. The smell of our clean laundry drying fills the air, it’s Monday after all.

Claire is waddling back and forth from the pool, to the sand box, to my lap…yep we’re both wet and sandy now haha

I crave these simple days with my family. It’s these days that turn into memories that we’ll cherish forever. Not every moment is perfect, far from it, but we’re learning together and getting up each day and trying again together.

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Haunted Half 2017

After a 2 year break from half marathon races, I finally ran one! My sister Bree has been wanting to run her first half for some time now, but I kept getting pregnant haha. I’m so glad she waited for me, because running with my sisters was a highlight for sure.

Breanna(my younger sister 7/7 kids) and Leah(my older sister 5/7 kids) decided to run the Haunted Half. We did the same training plan, but since I live 45 min away from them I never ran with them until race day.

I LOVE running with people when they are running halfs for the first time or 5k’s, or 10k’s. It is so fun to see them push themselves and do something they hadn’t done before.

Race morning we planned to meet at the bus loading at 6:30am. That meant I needed to be up by 5:30 so I could nurse Claire, get dressed, get packed up, and then drive the 30 min to Sugar House. Everything worked out great, and I met up with sisters in line to get a bus that would bring us up Emigration Canyon. I had a big dinner the night before at Olive Garden where I ate 1.5 bowls of minestrone soup, 4 bread sticks, and some salad. I was too full in the morning to eat breakfast so I just brought a protein bar that I could eat before the start.

We got on the warm bus and as we made our way up the canyon we start seeing SNOW! I started to worry a bit since all I was wearing was a tank top and a light running pull over jacket. We each had 2 sets of gloves(that was so helpful!) and long pants on. Luckily, the bus driver let us stay on the bus till right before the race started. I was SO glad. The minute we stepped off the bus, it was FREEZING and so windy. Everyon’es space blankets were whipping us in the face and the giant blow up pumpkin that we were supposed to run through blew over onto the racers! Everyone was in good spirits and we couldn’t stop laughing. It was probably nerves, but it really helped take my mind off of being cold.

The race started and I think we laughed for the first 3 miles buecause they’re a blur haha. We were sliding all over on the ice and Leah’s fanny pack boom box was playing our jams.

We took all drank some gatorade at mile 3, energy beans at mile 6, stopped for a fast potty break at mile 7 and then I had some water at mile 9. We seriously cruised just enjoying the GORGEOUS fall colors all throughout the canyon and chatted and I sipped on a GU for a mile or so. At about mile 10 Bree got a side ache, and we slowed down a bit. Mile 11 we attempted a jumping pic for the photographer haha It was at mile 12 where I think we were all feeling a little sluggish, but then we saw Leah’s family. That gave me so much energy, so we picked it up a bit until we hit a HILL! That was a mean joke. At this point Leah’s stomach wasn’t feeling so great, but she still pushed on. We made it to the finish at 2:02, we haven’t got our official time yet but we’re guessing right about 2 hours since we didn’t start in the front of the race. It was such a great race! Mostly down hill, so my legs were sore for 3 days!

We’re already looking at doing another race, so if anyone wants to join, lets do it!

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Halloween 2017

This year Halloween was a little different. For one, J is in kindergarten so I spend the morning in his classroom helping with his party(my sweet mom watched the girls all morning).  His school did a parade and then they played BINGO, had donuts, made a mummy craft, and read Halloween stories. He and I both had fun together and he enjoyed showing me who his friends are


Back up to 2 weekends before Halloween we went to Josh’s grandparents house and had lunch, decorated Halloween cookies, and Donna had cute Halloween bags, flashlights and candy for the kids. I failed at dressing the kids up in their costumes, but we had a few pictures to show them.

1 weekend before Halloween we went to Josh’s parents house to carve pumpkins and have yummy clam chowder. The dads took over and helped all the kids carve their pumpkins while us moms chatted. It was perfect!

Halloween night we headed to my parents house for a salmon dinner(my mom wanted to make one last BBQ salmon before the snow comes)that we all gobbled up. So good! We trick or treated in the neighborhood right next to her that goes all out for Halloween. Steam machines, fires, movies projected on the garage doors, and one house that totally had a Grey’s Anatomy scene displayed on her driveway! J was a little nervous to feel ‘human ears’ haha J’s favorite part was the man riding a double bike with a skeleton on the back. Lily’s favorite part was going house to house and getting candy.

Claire’s first year of Halloween was great! She didn’t mind her costume, but hated the hat. She lasted 1.5 hours while the older kids trick or treated, so I would say it was a success.

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