Christmas Eve 2016

We started the fun on my Grandma’s birthday December 21st. My sisters and I all met up at my mom’s house and had an early dinner. The kids decorated cookies and played with their cousins till we all had to go. My Grandma passed away 4 years ago, but she loved Christmas and loved having all her grandkids over, so we celebrated her by doing just that. It was such a fun day.

Christmas Eve we visited Josh’s grandparents and then headed to my mom’s for dinner with my sister’s and their families(my 3 brothers and their families live in WA and we missed them so much). The food was SO good, but the Nativity and talent show were even better.Jackson could not wait for the Nativity. Days before he picked out a Joseph costume and said he would love to be Joseph at my family’s Nativity and then made a crown and said he wanted to be the wise man that carried frankensince at Josh’s family’s Nativity, haha!

That night we headed to Josh’s parents for another Nativity and a Santa visit! The kids were shocked and so excited. Santa brought them a Lego Nativity set and some candy. We all slept(I use that word VERY lightly, ha we did not get much sleep at all) at my in laws and woke up to presents in the morning.

 photo C8941CED-BDA0-4F3C-B8D1-D17424AEB6D3_zpsvk7ugmeh.jpg

 photo IMG_6176_zpspolv8jgs.jpg

 photo IMG_6237_zps6howlgnn.jpg

 photo IMG_6196_zpsdcmwvhiw.jpg

 photo IMG_6231_zpspr0ad18i.jpg

 photo IMG_6193_zpsajxsiaal.jpg

 photo IMG_6251_zpswyilmjvl.jpg

 photo IMG_6203_zpsa0dbtw1p.jpg

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Life as a family of 5 + 2 week check up

I feel so lucky to have sweet Claire. She just slipped into our lives and I already can’t imagine what it was like without her(okay maybe I can, and it involved a lot more sleep haha). Seriously though, these last 2.5 weeks have been wonderful. There have been some hard parts too. The hardest part by far being that it’s winter and I can’t go anywhere. I’m terrified she will get sick! With Lily and J I could go to the park, a walk, to the pool, or even in the backyard, but with Claire we have been home for 2.5 weeks with minimal visitors because I don’t want to expose her to any sickness. The upside? We love our house, we have plenty to do and lots of shows to watch, and no one has gotten sick(knock on wood).

Lily has had a hard time sharing mom, but this past week she has gotten SO much better. She lets me nurse in peace half the time, the other half she is trying to lay on Claire. Her and J smother her with love and constantly want to touch, kiss, or hold her which I think is adorable. Lily still doesn’t understand how to be soft, and I don’t think she wants to be soft to Claire all of the time!

Claire is growing great and at her 2 week check up she was already a pound heavier than what she was at birth making her a wopping 7lbs 3oz. She just has a really calm spirit about her. I can’t describe it, but these first couple of weeks are just so special. I feel like the veil between heaven and earth is so thin when they are newborns and I can’t express enough just how much I love this stage. She gets up every 2-3 hours to eat at night. She snuggles with me most of the time because I just love it.

 photo IMG_6136 2_zps4dlk29gi.jpg

 photo IMG_6153 2_zpskdufcyeh.jpg

 photo IMG_6141 2_zpsizbmifrc.jpg

We’re all just soaking up this time!

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Claire’s Birth Story

I’m honestly so shocked Claire decided to come 2 weeks early like my other kids. I thought for sure I would make it to my induction date of December 5th. I was a lot more comfortable with her, she was measuring a week behind, and the idea of an induction was great.  But Claire had other plans…

38 week bump

 photo 3F6D1989-EDCD-4916-B191-C1506D00260C_zpsgkogpm56.jpg

Monday, November 28th, I went in for my 38 week appointment at 2pm. I was feeling uncomfortable that day with some mild cramp like contractions. I brought Lily with me to the appointment and occupied her in a stroller with snacks and a Leap Pad. J was playing at a friends house and I knew the appointment would be quick. I had gone from an ‘almost 3’ and 70% effaced to a true 3 and 80% effaced. My Dr. will strip your membranes at 38 weeks, so I had her do that to see if it could kick start labor(with both of my other kids it did) and then I was on my way.

When I got home about 3pm I decided to walk around my house, essentially doing laps in my kitchen and family room while updating family on what the dr. said at the appointment. I honestly didn’t think it would do much, but I started to have some pretty painful contractions. I kept walking, cleaning, and playing with the kids until about 5:30 when I was getting more uncomfortable. Josh texted and said it was snowing pretty hard and that he would be awhile until he could get home. I asked him to pick up some fast food because I wasn’t feeling great. He finally got home at 6:30pm, after shoveling part of the driveway so he could get up in his car. As soon as he walked in the door he said, ” don’t go into labor tonight, the roads are awful!” I told him I was in quite a bit of pain, but if I could make it to 8pm the roads would be clear and we could put the kids down for bed.

I lay on the couch and texted my mom. The plan was to have my dad stay over with the kids, and then mom could come to the hospital with us. I stayed on the couch until 8 timing my contractions and they were about 10 minutes apart. I texted my parents who live minutes away and told them to head down. I put Lily down and gave her and J big kisses and then we headed to the hospital. The roads were cleared and we didn’t have any problems. The mountains were gorgeous and everything was freshly covered in snow. It was so peaceful.

We walked into labor and delivery and got checked into Triage and they hooked me up to monitor the baby. I was so emotional and started crying. It hadn’t been that long ago that I was there with Lily and to be honest I was a little nervous. I still remembered SO much haha.I was also nervous they would turn us away and I would look like a wimp.

She checked me and I was at a 5. I was so relieved, we were gonna meet our baby! I called my mother in law and told her and she went and slept at my house so my dad could be at work in the morning. I’m so so grateful for all the people that were there to help us. We’re so lucky!

 photo 6D731463-27EA-4D51-92F0-D0BC9BA99570_zpspmxdeqqn.jpg

Unfortunately, the Dr that was on call and the anesthesiologist were in surgery so I couldn’t get my epidural. She got my IV started and then we waited about 45 min(about 9:45pm) and then I got my epidural. The Dr. was still in the OR so she checked me at 10pm and I was a 6 with bulging waters. Once my water breaks I tend to go really fast. The nurse wasn’t allowed to break my water, so we were waiting for the Dr. At about 12am the Dr. came in and broke my water. My contractions instantly started getting more intense. Luckily I could just feel the pressure without all the pain. At 12:15am I called the nurse back in to check me, I felt ready to push. Yep, I was a 10 and baby was ready so they called the Dr in and got everything set up. By 12:29am November 29th, Claire Ann was born. 6lbs 6oz and 18 in long. Her umbilical cord was super short, but there were no problems.

 photo 70C6949B-1B93-4D25-90CA-A03B4BE3769C_zpsspehdoel.jpg

 photo 1058F8C5-37FE-48DE-8CC2-9B541FE4CD91_zpsomz2owjo.jpg

My recovery has been great! With Lily I hemorrhaged and just had a long recovery. This time around I feel SO much better and I’m so grateful for that.

 photo 4897E353-B382-40A6-A5D5-3096D7A916B5_zpsrrynraac.jpg

 photo EFCF0209-F823-4578-A8F0-7AF0C72CB3A8_zpsdlh3vjrc.jpg

 photo IMG_5932_zpsgbsvivlk.jpg

 photo IMG_5956_zps42rfv8jf.jpg

 photo 052E9000-F53B-4A32-AFF6-BDA19C0A221F_zpsqx0k4z1t.jpg

 photo IMG_5944_zpsahilc6rv.jpg

 photo IMG_5925_zpsrhkklslq.jpg

 photo 5B37CBDC-70EC-4C38-BA50-E0AE558DFE78_zpssa55jquo.jpg

 photo 0A6AF11D-ECD9-4146-B032-5B576DA2ECEC_zpsmxx0chc1.jpg

She is now a week old and just such a sweetheart. She wakes every 2 hours at night, sleeps in her bed nicely(unless I fall asleep nursing her, then she sleeps nicely nuzzled up to me:)).

 photo IMG_5900_zpsjvszrlfo.jpg

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Baby #3 Bump Update: 37 weeks

I am nearing the end and I’m getting SO SO excited to meet baby girl. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. No matter what, we’ll meet her in 2 weeks or less, ahh!

 photo FB43D90E-B04B-430B-A19C-A83F3CBEF046_zpsqguxmruf.jpg

I think I have officially nested(probably too much) and we are ready for her. My Christmas check list is about done(thank you Amazon) and now I can fully enjoy the holidays and my sweet newborn. There were also things like Jackson’s preschool Thanksgiving performance I wanted to see, and I’ve been able to do all of that. I feel at peace and relaxed knowing that whenever she comes I don’t have any one thing stressing me out.

We put up Christmas this past weekend and the kids were so excited. The holidays are magical!

 photo BBAC8126-13B7-4200-86F8-28A665FB792C_zpsptjtfjt5.jpg

37 week bump with all 3; J top left, lily top right, and now

 photo A21C88D6-605B-4A5B-9E98-5195C0939BA4_zpsuoexplci.jpg

Physically I feel good. I can tell she’s dropped a lot and grown. Her movements are big swooshing motions across my whole belly and it’s such a cool feeling. I LOVE that feeling because it lets me know she’s growing and gaining some nice baby chubs. I’ve been trying to stay as active as possible to naturally bring on labor. My contractions are getting more uncomfortable and chasing after Lily makes me so out of breath haha. I still walk 2 miles every other day and lift weights/do squats on the off days and try and be active throughout the day.

 photo C7C23E37-6A9C-4C89-9C44-40CD641FA914_zpshbg9nsvp.jpg

One thing I’m looking forward to most(besides holding and kissing this sweet girl) is getting my energy back. It’ll be so nice to be able to just jump up when I’m playing with the kids on the floor lol.

At my appointment the baby’s heart beat was strong, and I’m about a 3. Still measuring on the small side. My other babies always measured big, but never end up being huge(lily has been the biggest at 7lbs 1oz). She’s not worried because I’m consistently growing. 

Can’t wait for Thanksgiving, let the holidays begin!

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Lily at 15 months(a month late)

Oh Lily, she keeps me busy that’s for sure. She started walking at about 14.5 months and hasn’t stopped since. She tries to run and keep up with J and it’s the cutest.

She loves doing anything J is doing and cries when we drop him off at preschool. J loves carrying her around and being the protective older brother. We all lucked out with him as such a sweet example.

 photo 71E07080-E566-43F9-B356-EBD607E4B53A_zpsm7ggmuvo.jpg

Lily loves:

  • bath time
  • eating(anything and everything)
  • snuggling with her blanket(Muslin fabric) and binky
  • animals
  • baby dolls
  • swinging/being outside
  • daddy
  • fav foods: oatmeal, popcorn, blueberries, pasta, and of course chocolate
  • books

 photo 7838752D-E83E-449D-BF22-AB400AF23BEE_zps7qt6knxq.jpg
Lily dislikes:

  • still has a bit of stranger danger until she warms up
  • riding in the car for too long
  • milk—> it’s still hit or miss. Some days she drinks it and others she just spits it out. I sneak it in her oatmeal, cereal, and feed her yogurt and cheese instead.

15.5 month stats:

  • weight: 18.63 lbs-2%
  • height: 28.74in-6%
  • head:17.9 in-33%

 photo BB4AB018-AE06-4D29-A68E-DE65F29D67E4_zpsfrxpvpfc.jpg

She is a pipsqueak, but she’s proportionate and continually growing so the Dr. isn’t worried. She is a feisty girl and she’ll let you know if she doesn’t like something by yelling in this deep growl haha. The other day my mom gave her an oreo and she threw the half that had no filling. My mom picked it up and popped it into her mouth and Lily slapped my mom across the face! Apparently, if she didn’t want it NO ONE could have it!

Lily is so sweet and snugly to Jackson. She crawl up next to him and lay her head on his chest and watch a show. She always gives daddy kisses and hugs when he leaves and when he gets home. She loves to sit on my lap and bring me book after book to read.

 photo 1E2D25C5-A3C0-4580-93A3-F0F292B6F157_zpsilujhcly.jpg

She is a doll and I’m excited to see her as a big sister=)

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Baby #3 Bump Update: 35/36 wks

At my 35 week appointment(I now go once a week) her heart beat was strong, and I’m starting to dilate. I felt her drop a bit this week which was a relief to my ribs. I can also breathe a lot easier.

 photo 8479DB00-E7D7-4876-B223-BD802E4A8311_zpscgq8ngbp.jpg

During this week I started getting a lot more uncomfortable and started having A LOT more painful contractions. I don’t mind them because I know each one gets me closer to meeting my sweet baby girl. I’m still staying active and working out each day but it’s not very intense ha!

I’ve gotten heart burn again every so often, but just at random times. At night I just can’t seem to turn my brain off. I just get so excited thinking about how close I am and it feels like Christmas Eve every night! Our whole family has a cold too, so we have to get over that before she makes her debut!

At 36 weeks baby girl is about 6 lbs and gaining about an ounce a day. All of her vital organs are developed, and now she’s working on some nice chubby cheeks=)

 photo 80EA7C31-588A-4D02-B4DB-DE6E21BE0411_zpsdr0n8rgk.jpg

At my 36 week appointment she was measuring great(I always worry ha) and I’ve dilated more. I’m hoping to make it to Thanksgiving to enjoy time with family, but we would be happy whenever she decides to come.

Working out is still something I try and do 6 days a week. It’s not much, usually 30-40 min walking/jog or 20 min weights. Getting that bump moving is HARD hahah

 photo AF4E4795-2B4A-4F59-9CBA-CEEED36C594A_zps6dq2rhkv.jpg

As my belly gets bigger Lily has become more curious.  We tell her there’s a baby in there, but she’s only 15 months, so I’m not sure what she understands. She points at it, pats it, and gives it hugs and kisses. I think when the baby comes it will be a hard adjustment for all of us, but mostly Lily.  I met the sweetest mom at Costco today after my appt. She has 2 girls about 16 months apart and she said it was/is so so fun. I love when nice people stop and give encouraging words.  So any more tips on helping with the transition are appreciated!

 photo 137B7571-48AE-4EA3-A6CC-EC3CFC662B90_zps0hw9fdel.jpg

 photo E48AD1C4-C43D-4A6C-A148-D54638093D58_zpsd7zfocvo.jpg

This past week so many friends and family have surprised me with little girls night/day showers. Baby girl has been spoiled and we definitely have everything we need. Thank you everyone!!

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Halloween 2016

I’m not sure how it happens, but every year holidays become more and more special. I thrive on tradition and love to celebrate holidays with my family. Although, J would say we are DEFINITELY lacking in the Halloween decor department. He begged everyday  to have zombies, skeletons, and grave stones in our front yard. Maybe some day, but probably not haha

lily turned 15 months on Halloween
 photo 0BF59E52-8E6D-468C-80E1-0B6566DB42A5_zpsw5gt6spx.jpeg

ward trunk or treating with dad as a storm trooper, one of J’s fav leaders at church as Darth Vader, and J as Kylo Ren.

 photo C63BDBF7-0E2A-4B4B-AF1F-830BCFAF5CEF_zps6ww5nbe0.jpg

A week before Halloween we(ahem, just he boys) carved pumpkins for family night. Us girls watched and cheered them on. I don’t love carving pumpkins, but I do enjoy painting them. Josh on the hand is a pro, his was a storm trooper and J’s was a funny face(forgot to take pics!). We watched a Halloween movie and had donut holes(last years here and here and here)

 photo C9C4B56C-BFD7-402E-B28A-94566EED7634_zpsswlfkk0k.jpg

On Halloween J had his first preschool party. Lily and I helped in his classroom while they played games like bingo, and helped make chocolate ghost suckers.

 photo 78FFEF1C-72F9-4E3C-8A0B-33727D973CC4_zpsnftzwcxa.jpg

 photo CEC2373C-1C13-4327-9956-46674D1B8CAE_zpsc1ldhtgd.jpg

 photo 1D716412-D26B-45D7-806B-CD26058952CF_zpsl9j5ft6y.jpg

Then we stopped at my moms to show off our costumes.

 photo 23904C7C-C7BE-4C1B-BF6B-381E54C5CFC2_zps25wbyjlh.jpg

Later that night we went to my in laws for dinner and trick or treating. Lily was teething, so she wasn’t the happiest. She did like going up to the doors and getting candy, her and Ezra were too cute!

 photo FDED6CBC-7C17-4DAA-A864-61C7C078EC54_zpsrcdzweyx.jpg

 photo 5DE8BBC1-C82E-4044-98CF-BE8B10E42AC0_zpsc7g1rjer.jpg

 photo AE3E5C02-F692-45A4-B81C-6B26D8A036D5_zpsmqbcez8c.jpg

 photo 59C7A59F-2195-4E3D-9D2B-CD4AFE9E2724_zpseyzhijsc.jpg

 photo 6AD7D75E-C7EE-45B5-A5AA-D5F8EF3ED276_zpstcfgrpiv.jpg

PS I have to add this funny story. My in laws board horses and when we pulled up they were in their front yard! I quickly called Lee Ann and her and my SIL Alisha ran out to wrangle them back into their gated enclosure. Alisha, was in the middle of painting her Halloween mask and so she ended up running around the neighborhood trying to catch the horses with her scary zombie face! It was terrifying and hilarious!!

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Baby #3 Bump Update: 33/34 weeks

33 bump

 photo 8CBA455C-5677-4DD3-B773-4C70563D46A5_zpsyxdax7cb.jpg

34 bump

 photo A89600DC-74DB-4726-84D7-AA1221C5C448_zpskg4lo92g.jpg
I’m 34 weeks today on Halloween, so my belly is the Death Star from Star Wars. More pics to come of the whole family later!

I had my OB appointment last week and I got to have an ultrasound. I only have about 3 the whole pregnancy(my first visit to see how far along I am, the 20 week ultrasound to measure and check gender, then this one to make sure baby is head down and not breach and that baby’s fluids are okay)so this was a fun treat. We could see her practicing her breathing, her strong heart beat, and that she was head down. I also got my flu shot. My appointments are every 2 weeks now which seems so crazy. She gave me the choice to be induced if I made it to 39 weeks and I decided to schedule one just in case. It’s for December 5th, which seems very soon and a great date(5 is my lucky number). My other 2 came at 38 weeks on their own, so we’ll see.

Lately, I have been SO TIRED. Like the thought of doing anything besides lay on the couch seems exhausting, but laying on the couch seems so boring. I usually chill on the couch while Lily naps and me and J watch a show together but the rest of the day I’m nesting and chasing after Lily. She’s walking now and wants to do everything J is doing. I’ve been organizing my house and trying to declutter, but my main goal has been getting Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving(Amazon has made that so easy, ahem you can do it from your couch;)).

The week I was 33 weeks I caught a nasty cold and didn’t workout at all. It was nice to just take a week off. This past week however, I started working out again. It makes me sore and tired, but I know it will pay off after the baby. I’ve been doing the same stuff from previous weeks, leg day, arm day, then a combination of leg/arm day, and then the other 3 days I walk/jog 2-2.5 miles.

 photo D3B18416-02CB-45EC-9473-47DAB28FD700_zpsgj5wfen1.jpg

I feel her movements SO much. I love this stage where her movements are huge jabs and kicks and I can see her little elbow/bum or whatever haha! She pushes up on my left side with what I think is her bum all the time and rarely is on my right side.

Can’t wait to meet you!

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Jackson’s Primary Program 2016

Sunday J had his primary program(where all the kids sing songs and have little talking parts in front of the whole congregation, it’s the best sacrament of the year!) and he was really excited. He’s been practicing his part for weeks and we were so proud of him for memorizing it. “Prophets are called of God to testify of Christ.” Such a simple phrase, but it’s so true. I’m grateful we have a prophet on the Earth today that testifies of Christ and warns us of things to come. Heavenly Father promised us after the apostasy  that He will never leave us without a prophet to guide us, just like he has throughout all of history.  I’m so grateful for the recent talk our prophet Thomas Monson gave here titled the “The Perfect Path to Happiness.”

J has such a sweet spirit and I’m grateful for his patience with me and his sweet example. I couldn’t have picked a better older brother for Lily and baby girl. Great job on your primary program Bubba!

 photo 7E4DA196-E361-4785-A196-C03BB71C5E1F_zpsoqsp1ixb.jpg

 photo F2456B2B-38CF-476C-934B-00DB816F5EE8_zpsuydpii7r.jpg

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Baby #3 Bump Update: 31-32 weeks

31 week bump

 photo 22E5F8BE-A71D-4BCC-87D9-1961D885A8D6_zpssalzw4tc.jpg

32 week bump

 photo FD3EB0F2-BF58-4312-BC1B-926A999B2B0C_zpse1xvyune.jpg

Now is the time my updates become a little different. Instead of going through all the questions, I just write my overall feelings, moods, fitness, whatever is on my mind haha

I’m 8 months pregnant and if she comes when my other 2 did I have about 6 weeks left. I don’t want to get my hopes up that she will come early, but it would be nice. I’m getting so anxious to hold her and just have her a part of our family already. We still haven’t decided on a name, but I definitely have a favorite, so we’ll see once we’re in the hospital. My OB appointment isn’t until next week, then my appointments are every 2 weeks(what? I can’t believe we’re already THAT close!)

This past week I have felt really tired and by the end of the day my back is in a lot of pain. I think carrying Lily most of the day doesn’t help, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I sleep really well most nights but Lily has a cold that has kept her up a few nights and the month of October always has J up a few times because he’s spooked about one thing or another haha. That’s just mom life though and I’m so grateful I get to be the one that comforts them when they’re sad, sick or scared.

I’ve still been able to workout most days of the week. I walk 2-3 miles 3 days a week and do strength training the other days. Sunday is always my rest day, and if I feel like I need a day off I take it. I eat all the foods,drink a lot of water, and get heart burn like it’s my job. Tums are a lifesaver. Lily hasn’t been taking her morning nap, so she’s been joining me for workouts. She doesn’t always love it, so I might have to find time at night to workout because getting up early isn’t an option(I would choose sleep every time haha).

 photo EBD2FF2F-2AFB-4CE6-9ABD-C02955BC90A5_zps5amghmfq.jpg

I bought my first thing for baby girl, a fleece suit she can wear all winter when we’re out and about so she stays warm. I also got a few matching dresses for her and Lil, so fun!

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