(First) Marathon training week 15

I just finished week 15 of my first ever marathon training. I am 1 week out from my first marathon!!! I am more excited than nervous and can’t wait to see how it all goes.

This last week all of my runs were done on the treadmill. I’m so grateful I have one in my home so this training was possible. There’s no way I could have trained for a full marathon with 4 kids, 1 nursing, and early morning workouts. Josh was gone all last week but I was still able to put in the work. Harder work in my opinion since I wasn’t just running, I was running while entertaining kids haha.

Monday-lower body workout

Tuesday-6 mi on TM I ran 3 mi then drove carpool then finished 3 more.

Wednesday-rest( decided to go to the temple in the morning)

Thursday- 5 mi on TM comfortable pace

Friday- upper body workout + 4 mi **felt off all week, then I started my period for the first time postpartum. So glad it started this week and not next week during the marathon!!**

Saturday- 8 mi; 3 mi w/u, 4 mi at mpg(marathon goal pace), 1 mi c/d

I had to take a lot of breaks to be mommy. But I got it done!

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(First)Marathon Training week 14

I am getting so excited to race. I feel ready and confident I’ll be able to finish, the test will be how long it will take me. I haven’t been doing a lot of speed work for a specific time goal since I don’t really know what to expect in a full marathon. I don’t want too much pressure, I want to just take it all in this first time.

This week I drove part of the course for the first time…it looks pretty boring,flat with a few hills , and ugly haha BUT it’s the only fall marathon that fit in my schedule(part of me wishes I would have just ran the Big Cottonwood). I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a bit bummed I’m not running in a beautiful canyon with fall colors but I’m going to find the beauty and make the most of it.

Here’s what week 14 looked like:

September 23-28

Monday- lower body workout from Carli Fitness

Tuesday- 8 miles total on TM

3 miles w/u, 4 miles at marathon pace, 1 mi c/d I had so many interruptions from the kids, but it’s just part of it. Even when I wake up early they just know haha I was grateful for Jackson who played with Cooper the last 2 miles when Cooper wanted nothing to do with the pack n play(he didn’t wake up till I was at mile 4 and played for 2 miles, I’ll take what I can get).

Wednesday- upper body workout by Carli fitness

Thursday- 6 mi on TM nice and slow-felt so nice

Friday- 6 miles on TM at a comfortable pace +core from Carli Fitness. I ran this a little later in the morning and it felt so nice. It was a blessing Cooper took such a great morning nap.

Saturday- 10.5 miles total. 8 with Megan and then 2.5 solo. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was a gorgeous fall morning. I walked a bit at mile 7.5-8 just chatting with Megan. I loved being outside and catching up with Megan.

you can read about training week 13 here

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(First)Marathon Training Weeks 10-12

Marathon training brings a lot of highs and a lot of lows. I wasn’t expecting to feel burnt out or ready to quit. There have been SO many mornings where I asked myself why I was getting up so early or why I was having to rearrange my family’s schedule so much just for running. I was so close so many times in dropping out of the race. BUT the little piece of me that really wants to accomplish this big goal keeps pushing myself out of bed and into running clothes. Once I start running I’m always really grateful I did and I’m always so happy after my run because I’m doing something that is hard for me even when the conditions are far from perfect.

Week 10: August 26-31

Monday- 6  miles on TM with 3 miles fast) at night(I had just gotten home from WA and my family was still gone at Josh’s carnival work party that I was so BUMMED to miss).

Tuesday- 4 slow miles on TM

Wednesday- legs + 3 slow at night on TM(Josh was boating with friends)

Thursday- arms


Saturday- 18 miles down Big Cottonwood Canyon with Rachel. It was a gorgeous morning and the canyon was so beautiful. I couldn’t stop commenting how pretty it was. It felt great most of the run. I stopped at mile 10 to use the bathroom(first time I’ve had to pee while on my long run this whole training cycle) and then we continue down the canyon. My legs felt great, Rachel and I could easily talk the whole way, it was a nice pace. Then at mile 16, I started to feel nauseous. Every time I started to run I felt so sick. I felt so bad slowing Rachel down, but she was nice and walked/jogged the last 2 miles. I felt pretty defeated and frustrated. I looked back at my nutrition and I think a lot of how I was feeling has to do with that. I ate crappy and I had a terrible cold. I couldn’t stop coughing at one point. So, I hoping it was all just a fluke!

Week 11: September 2-7

Monday- arms + 2 mi on TM(cut short because we had a showing of our house and only had 45 min to get the house ready and leave)

Tuesday- 8 mi on TM during nap time, first afternoon run. I needed to sleep in and get some additional rest. So glad I still made it happen.

Wednesday- fly to Japan

Thursday-still flying

Friday-Climbed 4 miles up Mt. Fuji

Saturday-climbed 4 miles down Mt. Fugi

Week 12: September 9-14

Monday- 5 mi on Tm nice and slow

Tues- legs

Wednesday- 8 mi on TM legs were so sore and stiff so I made sure to roll them all day

Thursday- arms + 5 mi on TM


Saturday- 20 miles!!

This run was HARD! I was in such a terrible mood all night. 2 nights before this run a woman was attacked by a man on the trail I run 99% of my runs on. I was so glad she got away but so angry that a man would do that to someone and ruin it for the rest of us. All of my running buddies were busy so I wasn’t able to run with anyone in the early hours, so I had to run on my TM for the majority of my run. I also had to run a lot more miles on my TM because I didn’t want to run on that trail. SO I ran 13 miles on the TM then 7 miles outside. I was angry for the first 7 miles and I honestly was going to quit. I started doubting why I’m even doing this and thinking all the things I mentioned above. THEN I remembered I can do hard things, and I’m going to run 20 miles! So, I just kept going. I got to 13 miles, ate more food had a few sips of my protein shake and headed out for the last 7 miles. I ran up hill for the first 1.25 miles then it was flat for 3.5 then I got to run down. It felt so good. I was so glad I finished and felt completely fine after. My muscles weren’t sore at all. I think mostly because most of the miles were on my TM and flat as a pancake ha.

My marathon is coming up, I can’t believe the rest of my long runs are less than 20 miles. I’m getting there!

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(First)Marathon Training Week 13

My marathon is 3 weeks away. EEk! I am so excited and also so ready to NOT be training. Don’t get me wrong, I love running, but having to stick to a schedule for this long has worn me out. I’m looking forward to running whatever I feel like for awhile. I realized I was really missing my strength training days, so this week I’m going back to running 4 days a week and seeing how I feel.

Week 13: September 16- 22

Monday- legs

Tuesday- 8 miles on TM with some speed work thrown in there and a cute “running” buddy.

Wednesday- core

Thursday- 6 miles on TM slow

Friday-4 miles +arms

Saturday- 12 miles outside with Rachel

It was a gorgeous fall morning. There is nothing like running in the crisp cool fall weather. It’s the absolute best. We started up Sun Crest and ran down to the Canal trail through the park and back home. It was a perfect slow recovery run. Rachel and I almost went longer than 12 because we got distracted talking, those are the best kinds of runs.

I took a very hot shower after, my toes and feet were freezing!

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(First)Marathon Training weeks 7-9

I am way behind on updating my first marathon training but I want to document anyway. I have a running journal that I write in after every run to see how I’m feeling, any aches or pains, what I ate before, during my run to see what feels best, and on and on. So, I’m using those notes to fill this in so I could easily look back on this in the future.

Week 7: August 5-10 2019

Monday – 5 miles felt nice and easy to go slow since my legs were still stiff from Saturday’s 15 mile run.

Tuesday- 13 mile mid week long run since I’d be gone in Heber that weekend. I fought for every step of this run. I’m so proud of myself for doing it and all alone. I did 8 miles on the treadmill and then 5 miles outside. I was up all night with Lily and Coop who were throwing up. I was so glad I still did it!


Thursday- 4 mi on TM

Fri- 4 mi on TM


Week 8: August 12-17

Monday- 8 mi on TM

Tuesday- 4 mi on TM

Wednesday- 17 miles long run because we left for Lake Powell later. Personal Distance record! It felt so good to hit this mileage. I ran 9 miles on the treadmill till the sun was out and then 8 miles outside. I felt good, sore but good. I had 1 mini plain bagel and 1 apple sauce pouch before and then cliff blocks and energy beans every 20-30 min during my run with lots of water. My stomach likes just water more than gatorade. It feel much more hydrated and my stomach doesn’t cramp.



Saturday- 6 mi on a track in Lake Powell. Unfortunately, Claire was throwing up our week in Lake Powell and Saturday everyone decided to have a slow morning so I snuck out and ran. It feel really good. It was boring and so hot, but it felt so good to just run and be outside.

Week 9: August 19-23

Monday-5 mi on TM, my stomach felt nauseous but I kept it slow and steady. I think I had a mild case of  what my kids had last week.

Tuesday-8 mi  on TM  stomach still felt a little off

Wednesday- rest

Thursday- 18 miles! I cannot believe I ran 18 miles. It’s incredible to me that our bodies can adapt and things we never thought we could do we can and survive haha! I felt good! 9:09 pace overall, 11 miles on the TM and 7mi outside and done by 7:45am! I had to get up at 4:30am, but I’m so glad I’m able to juggle everything to make this goal of mine happen. Most of my runs have been solo, and my marathon will be solo too so it’s all good practice. I wish I could run outside more, but it’s too dangerous to run alone in the dark.


Sat- rest since I was in WA visiting family.

It’s getting real!

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Cooper at 10 months

At 10 months(posting a month late, oops!)Cooper is finally sleeping through the night regularly and taking after Jackson in the sleep department(doesn’t require a whole lot).

He loves bath time and kicks like a wild man the minute he gets in, so I am prepared to be soaked 90% of the time haha.

He loves to eat and eat and eat. It’s his favorite which is no surprise because I love to eat “snack” all the time too.

He got 2 new teeth that finally popped up, had an ear infection and a mild case of thrush, it was a busy month!

Josh and I also flew to Japan’s for 5 days. It was the longest I have ever left him(the longest I’ve ever left him before was 3 hours to get my hair done) and it was so hard. It was fine and he did great, but when I got home he didn’t want me and wouldn’t nurse for 3 hours. I was pretty heart broken. He took bottles like a champ and slept great for my mom, he’s such a sweetheart! He warmed back up to me, but it was a bit stressful.

^you can see a top tooth coming in too!

His smile is the best. He loves to smile with his whole face and does the best fake whine where he puckers his lips and scrunches his nose. He puts up with a lot from his siblings and usually loves it. He is a chunk of sweet rolls and his raspy belly laugh is the best.

We just love him, everyone is still obsessed. Claire, who loves puppies, calls Cooper “boy” all the time like he’s a dog. “Come on boy! Oh! No no boy!” It’s so funny.

^please note J’s old sleeping cap Coopers wearing, and Claire’s muddy feet! She was running away from me in this pic when I was asking her to get in the bath. It’s wild over here!

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Cooper meets Great Grandpa Gwynn

A month ago my mom, Cooper and I snuck away for a weekend in Washington. Josh took work off and watched the 3 older kids. He was so cute with the kids and took on all dad duties like a champ. He’s so fun!

My mom and I went to visit my grandpa. I wanted Cooper to meet him and I just wanted to be “home” for a bit. It was a great trip spent with family.

Cooper was great, he’s a chill babe but would not sleep without being right by me nursing haha I don’t mind one bit, but I wasn’t able to run at all in the beautiful Washington weather. Oh well, times and seasons for everything right?

I loved seeing my brothers and their families and aunts and uncles. Next time I’m bringing my whole family!

Something I want to remember about this trip is when my mom and I bought steak(one of my grandpas fav dinners) to make dinner at his house with him. The way his face lit up and he began whistling and setting the table. He went to the basement and looked around for a high chair for Cooper and when he couldn’t find one he said the next time I came he’d have one made(he’s amazing at wood work).

At almost 90 he always makes everyone feel loved and special. He and my late grandma are incredible. I’ll never get over how many great grandkids they have(and still growing).

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Japan Day 4: Last Day

Day 1 and 2&3

Our last day in Japan was a Sunday so we woke up and made our way to church and then checked out some Buddhist temples.

Left to right: my father in law Richard, brother in laws Jared and Joe, me and Josh.

Richard planned this whole trip and helped us navigate Japan(he speaks Japanese). He’s always planning fun family time.

We were lucky to get to see all we did and then fly out that afternoon before the anticipated typhoon.

I’m so grateful to all the help we had so we could go on our trip. My mom did so much!

It was a trip of a lifetime!

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Japan Day 2-3: Climbing Mt. Fuji

You can read about day 1 here.

After the 3 hour bus drive we hung out at the 5th station lodging area. You can get food, use the bathroom, get souvenirs and prepare for the all day/night hike up Fuji. We bought a wooden stick(long walking sticks are available too) that you can get stamped on the way up as you reach each station.

My father in laws co-workers were hiking with us and hired a guide. It was nice to have someone who new the mountain very well and paced BUT the hike was so slow and at times it was hard to be patient. On the other hand, I’m glad we went slow enough so we didn’t get altitude sickness.

The views were incredible and the weather was PERFECT! It wasn’t hot or cold on the way up, just right and no rain.

We started hiking at noon and got to our lodge for the night at 7pm. They had a dinner for us and a breakfast…not the best food, but it’s calories you need. I brought protein bars and snacks so some of us didn’t eat the breakfast provided­čśČ

You get about a foot of “sleeping”space (really just a place to rest) until we started the final ascend at 2am.

As we started the final hike there were SO many people. I have never experienced something like this. We were climbing up large boulders and I felt like we were climbing over people because it was so crowded. It was wild.

Made it to the top and celebrated my 30th Birthday with a gorgeous sunrise.

It was very cold at the top, but the weather was still clear and beautiful.

We hung out for awhile and then started the hike down. It took us about 3 hours and it was VERY steep!

We drove to a traditional Japanese hot spring bath and had lunch with our group.

Later that night we went out for a birthday dinner. Definitely a birthday I’ll never forget!

You can read about our last day here

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Japan 2019 Day 1

When an opportunity to hike Mt. Fuji came to Josh and I we couldn’t pass it up! Josh’s parents live in Singapore for work and his dad travels to Tokyo often as well. He invited us on a quick trip(5days) to Japan to climb Mount Fuji. I talked with my mom about watching my kids and seeing if leaving Cooper(10 months old and still breastfeeding) was a possibility. Quickly my sisters and sister in laws jumped in and said they would help too and that we should go. I am SO grateful for all the people in my life who love my kids and are willing to help.

For a month prior I pumped and saved enough milk for Cooper to have while I was gone and then bought a hand pump to use while in Japan(that made things interesting, but it worked)!

We flew out early on a Wednesday and arrived in Tokyo on a Thursday afternoon. The flight was long, but relaxing and so fun to watch, read, eat when and what I wanted without any kids to worry about haha.

We met up with Josh’s brother and brother in-law who also were able to come. We walked around Shinagawa and of course enjoyed delicious food.

I can’t sleep on a plane so by 8:30pm(3:30am back home) I was SO tired. We fell asleep fast and then I woke up at 3am starving and had a protein bar and then slept till 5:30. We were up ready to start our trek to Mt. Fuji.

We took the train and then a 3 hour bus drive up the mountain.

^on the bus

To be continued….

Day 2 here

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