Thanksgiving 2016

I totally spaced blogging about Thanksgiving since I went into labor and had Claire 4 days later.

So let’s back WAY up! Leading up to thanksgiving we had beautiful fall weather. We went on a hike up to this amazing suspension bridge.

 photo BF0BE25D-D5A5-4B23-8A60-20ACD82979E8_zpsmaijkhfv.jpg

 photo 65AE8962-F130-45C1-B046-0E4DD039CAB4_zpsozwzycyk.jpg

J helped papa pick grapes for homemade grape juice.

 photo 0527E486-25C1-484A-BD35-5528CD04D8B9_zpslab9mgdf.jpg

We stayed over night in Salt Lake and showed the kids temple square and the church history museum.

 photo C163A5B3-95C8-4995-93B4-E5AA339E2D40_zpsjq77dv7b.jpg

 photo CABD5BDD-6EFB-4AD2-949E-3895042C7638_zpsrqnozjns.jpg

We went down to a BYU game and had so much fun. The weather was so beautiful.

 photo 17E64E20-D070-4BEA-B671-A56B02BC12F0_zps7c8ssemt.jpg

For thanksgiving we headed to Josh’s parents house for a delicious dinner and to celebrate his sister Alisha’s birthday. I thought maybe I would have a thanksgiving baby, but no such luck. Dinner was so yummy though!

 photo 88DC0569-74CF-4AEB-ACF5-91F93BB4EE2B_zpsntxmkzcw.jpg

Later that night we headed to my sister Leah’s to visit with my family and have dessert. My sister Neeley foot zoned me and helped jump start my labor!

It was a great relaxing weekend, and then I went into labor Monday:)

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Claire at 4 months

Claire has really started becoming her own little person. That’s why I love this baby stage! She has the cutest baby babble that doesn’t stop most of the day. She belly laughs so easily now which is so fun for J and lily.

4 mo stats:

Head circumference: 15.7 in-30%

Height: 24 in -13%

Weight: 13 lbs 12 oz -30%

 photo AE228CC2-3D27-4219-B0E5-9535CA90935B_zps6thdnuqv.jpg

 photo C726248A-47FF-43CA-9633-6BA8DFA99D4A_zpslgltkh5a.jpg

first time swinging
 photo DBAA1EE0-015D-4B60-8270-FAF55F4422CD_zpsdjebddhx.jpg

morning smiles:)

 photo 76CDAAE9-8F09-4D0F-A72A-43C43E19B191_zpszp4qgnua.jpg

 photo CBD0DDFB-0E72-4636-B571-6CDCA9E99F49_zpsnt7iquit.jpg

Lily ran away from me while I was trying to dress her to say good morning to Claire:)

 photo 83ED6933-7753-4359-9B13-D49BCE0C7699_zpsn3atoaw5.jpg

 photo 15CBC6A0-E9A4-4406-9AFF-6FD39F32A9BC_zpseahzvasw.jpg


What Claire’s day looks like:

She loves sleeping on her side most of the time and has gotten into a good sleeping schedule(most nights but I don’t count on it haha)

Wakes up at 9am-nurses

Plays until 10

Naps till 11 repeat all day give or take an hour here and there.

In the evening she stays awake for 2-3 hours instead of napping and then when I nurse her I nurse her to sleep and lay her in her bed(during the day I put her in her bed awake and she falls alseep). I put her to sleep about 8:30pm then she sleeps till about 2:30am. I nurse her then put her back to bed till she wakes again about 6am, and then again between 8-9am. But honestly, it’s never perfect. I go with the flow, and don’t stress a lot about it, but having a schedule makes scheduling the rest of my day so much easier because I’ll know around when she’ll be hungry, tired, etc.

Things I want to remember:

She lights up when either J or lily interact with her and kicks her little chubby thighs when I’m about to pick her up(my fav).

She rolls more, but still not consistently. Her head is really strong, and she can lift it up if she rolls on her belly.

I love how she holds my shirt when she nurses

Claire is such a sweet heart. Everyone always comments how easy going she is. She rarely cries out unless it’s late and she’s in her car seat, she doesn’t love that so much haha.

When she wakes up she has the cutest pouty lip as she stretches and opens her eyes.

She likes to such in her hands and blow bubbles

She loves loves loves to be spoken to. She’s so social and loves ‘talking’ back and forth

She constantly tries to sit up when I put her in her car seat or swing. She just wants to play with her siblings haha

She’s a sweetie pie and we all adore her!

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Life happenings: wedding, workouts, and guardian angels

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog with some life happenings.

After we got back from Disney, we had Claire’s blessing and then we were in full blown wedding mode. My sister in law Alisha got married the end of March. We enjoyed bridal showers, family pics, and of course celebrating with the beautiful bride!

The only selfie I got with was blurry:/

 photo 37075DCD-EBF1-4EE5-8124-7BA979D8B01B_zps04tau51o.jpg

 photo 2C7D0E6A-8C80-455A-B229-B47A2E3334E0_zpsaxlxyqcz.jpg

 photo 764005FB-35F5-4435-8D9D-6B4FA5131A93_zpsq3pewvoy.jpg

 photo 7405EDA1-F187-4E54-9B1A-10D034F06720_zpshnhjir31.jpg

 photo D6009BB7-6C93-4785-9CBB-5A7386985795_zpsgjbgbfal.jpg

That same weekend, my brother Joel and his family visited from WA. We got to spend all day Saturday with them watching General Conference, eating yummy food, and we took their oldest daughter Sadie dress shopping for prom.

It’s impossible to find a cute modest(sleeves that cover the shoulder, and goes to the knee)dress! We went to several places, but  she finally found some darling dresses at Downeast. Not formal prom dresses, but modest Sunday dresses and one dress that will look so cute for LDS prom(a prom the church puts on because the school proms can get pretty nasty).

Sunday we had all the family over to our house for ham and potatoes. It was a perfect farewell dinner. I wish they could have stayed longer. That night josh and I snuck away for a second to visit one of his old branch presidents from his mission who just became an area 70 in Russia. It was so fun to see josh speak Russian and to meet someone I’ve heard so much about.

 photo IMG_9041_zpsfksrhpjw.jpg

The Monday after everyone went back home josh headed to work. I had just loaded the kids up and headed to my moms to eat lunch and then we were going to take the kids on a walk. I got a call from josh saying he had been in a car accident.

 photo 5C95F96D-DAF6-4F83-ADC1-088E47482D78_zpslal4jk0y.jpg

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CA trip days 3-5 2017: CA Adventure/beach 

We woke up feeling refreshed for day 2 and ready to party in California Adventure!

I think we all enjoyed the more lay back atmosphere in CA Adventure. We ran straight to the Cars Ride since we heard it was super fun and hard to get fast passes for. We had missed the fast passes for the day but the wait time was only 45 min so a few of us hit in line while the grandparents took some of the little kids on rides.

 photo 684D9B21-F4ED-48D8-B7D4-4A9CCCDB0B20_zpsfbsik6b4.jpg

Well 45 min turned into 3 hours!!! Whit and josh waited in line while the rest of us bailed(I had to nurse Claire and the little boys were DONE). They got us a fast pass stroller pass so we did get to ride and only waited in line 15 min the second time, it was so fun.

We spent the whole day jumping on ride after ride, watched the Frozen show(so good!) and meeting characters.
watching the army guys show with dad

 photo DDABC4B0-DC21-442B-A1D5-642E40306308_zpskjchnxfy.jpg

Minnie was definitely the highlight for Lily.

 photo 36ED6005-C7A4-40A6-9BA1-6A8603D56693_zpsywf3vift.jpg

 photo 004894B2-7A27-4780-A612-A5836DE13342_zpsdkqhje6e.jpg

We had some delicious clam chowder bread bowls, then headed to ride CA screaming. That was definitely my favorite ride, so so fun!

 photo 60A3706B-2CFE-44C5-9C40-DBF66FEB7C61_zpshpea0gvt.jpg

We headed home and watched the fireworks as we walked, it was magical.

That night we put the kids to bed and the adults soaked in the hot tub. It was truly such a great trip!

 photo 15F45142-8F9E-4671-AE8C-61ADB1F3A135_zpsvrqstp2w.jpg

The next day we had fun at the science museum and the beach where we met up with my bf running buddy Heather and her fam. It was FREEZING but so so worth it to see Heather. We had smores and then headed home.

Science center fun haha
 photo 2D155035-A96C-466C-8203-72232D0AFE8E_zps4lkrxhca.jpg

 photo EBF1C452-93C3-4015-8DB3-EEFE0895626D_zps9evru4jm.jpg

 photo AA11F46F-4920-49BA-A013-3B936EB9A708_zpsh7fquhpr.jpg

Lily and EJ
 photo 64FEE70C-B4FB-469A-A5AF-B94FDEECE6E3_zpsec4rpskt.jpg

Sunday we went to Josh’s old Ward and got to say hi to old friends and then headed back to UT. I hope this is a new tradition, everything was so great:)

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CA Trip 2017 days 1-2:Disneyland

For Christmas, Josh’s parents got us and his sister’s family Disney gift cards. They rented a VRBO a mile from Disney and it was perfect!

Whits family drove while we flew with Josh’s parents and whit’s youngest Ezra( since he was free and would do much better on the 1.5 hour flight vs the 10 hour car drive).

The flight there we actually got deplaned because the plane had an issue. That was a bummer, but honestly the later flight allowed us to eat dinner and let the kids run around. They did great on the flight!

That night we all slept and woke up bright and early and headed to Disneyland!

It was pretty busy, but the weather was great(no rain) and we got on all the rides we wanted except space mountain. The wait was too crazy. We would take turns watching the kids or taking them on rides while the others rode bigger rides, it was great. Pirates and the Matterhorn was closed, such a bummer!

 photo 99A0D781-FCA8-4119-BA1E-37AD1DDF314B_zpsouo7eu14.jpg

 photo E83076D1-8201-40C7-AF1A-00AA4CB79BFA_zpslvkq6xtj.jpg

 photo C789B7AC-7F2E-4C09-8322-E4AA78F660A1_zpsonwqffqq.jpg

We had yummy eats, and the kids didn’t have any meltdowns, they were all so excited for rides and seeing a few characters.

J got to meet Darth Vader thanks to Grandma Lee Ann and he was pretty pumped for that.

 photo DLPCA_VISASWCHAR_20170224_399269905987_zpszhxfgmbl.jpeg

J with his Grandma and Darth

 photo DLPCA_VISASWCHAR_20170224_399269905989_zps0zcwby0n.jpeg

 photo 87F84B88-9707-4488-B8B7-7BF6892368A0_zpsgenjg9ez.jpg

J was finally tall enough to ride most rides, his fav was Indiana jones and star tours.

J and I went on Splash Mountain a second time with Papa, haha!

 photo 1CF7DF1B-939F-4B60-B8EB-4120EF808700_zpsxjd8nwiy.jpg

 photo CFFDD188-E611-4858-BAC5-B8F618C31971_zpsu38v31vm.jpg

 photo 326FF363-3D28-480F-963B-304E3ADE79A3_zpstjmvi4aa.jpg

The nights got pretty chilly, I’m glad I brought warm clothes for the kids so we could stay for the parade. Lee Ann had saved us a great spot for the parade, but we were late(riding star tours again) and I was pretty beat. We watched part of the parade and then walked back to the house. The rest of the family met us there shortly after. It was a successful first day!

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Claire’s Blessing Day

With each of my children their blessing day has been so special. This is the first time Josh blessed one of our children in church during sacrament. The other 2 were in our home over conference weekends. Blessing days are so special because you get a glimpse into what Heavenly Father has planned for their future and I always feel the spirit so strong. I’m grateful the gospel gives us these opportunities to come closer to our Heavenly Father and our family. Little Claire is such a joy in our lives and I’m excited to see how her sweet personality will continue to bless the lives around her. During the blessing she was wide awake and her Papa(Josh’s dad) said he was looking up at him with her bright blue eyes.

Her entire outfit has such sentimental meaning, as I dressed her I felt the same warm spirit I felt while dressing Jackson and Lily for their blessing days. It’s emotional and sacred to me. Sundays can be VERY wild and hectic in the morning, but I tried to get everything done the night before so that I could really enjoy the moment with my little baby. She wore the same dress my sisters Leah and Bree and I wore, Lily wore, and my sister’s daughter Amelia wore.

 photo IMG_6561 2_zpsuxrix9wo.jpg

 photo IMG_6582 2_zpsb5p69fxz.jpg

She also wore these knitted shoes Josh’s late aunt Lezlie gave to Lily(and Lily wore).

 photo IMG_6573 2_zpszfnl0qee.jpg

Lily was given a bracelet to wear by my aunt Joanne, so my mom found this one for Claire that was perfect.

 photo IMG_6612 2_zpsy60xel7u.jpg

The day was full of family and beautiful weather. I didn’t get a picture of everyone(thanks Whit for the ones you took!), but I’m so grateful to all the family and friends that made it such a great day.

 photo IMG_6585 3_zpsgkwkrme6.jpg

 photo IMG_6575 2_zps6iwmd27f.jpg

 photo IMG_6619 2_zpsyznjk6yk.jpg

My dad and my niece Bayley
 photo IMG_6648 2_zps0qpdryny.jpg

Josh’s Grandparents
 photo IMG_6645_zpsn7zrlqxq.jpg

Josh’s Mom
 photo IMG_6634_zpstvywc1il.jpg

Josh’s dad
 photo IMG_6642_zpsotx94kvm.jpg

 photo IMG_6636_zpsmajqjrfm.jpg

 photo IMG_6615 2_zpssovblt9c.jpg

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Postpartum Journey- 13 weeks

I wanted to give an update on what life has been like since my last postpartum update at I did at 6 weeks.

Things have progressively gotten better with Lily adjusting, and to my hormones adjusting as well. I mentioned in my last post how sometimes while I nursed I felt really sad and emotional( I have with every baby, but I felt a little extra low maybe due to it being winter?). Each week it has gotten a lot better and I only feel those feelings every so often now(maybe once every 2 weeks or so). For me, it just takes time for my hormones and body to adjust and not fluctuate so much. I’m still very happy, healthy, and so very blessed with my sweet babes. I just wanted to address this so that those that go through baby blues know it’s normal and that it passes with time.

I’m on week 7 of BBG by Kayla Itsines. I love her workouts because you can do them all at home and they change each week so I don’t get bored. I should be on week 9, but I got sick one week and the other week I was in Disneyland. I don’t like to move on until I have finished the whole week. Each week I’m feeling stronger and that’s such a great feeling. I’ve decided to measure my progress in different ways instead of on a scale. I was so glad that I could keep up physically when we went to Disney with Josh’s family. The 2 days we were in the park we walked 7-10 miles!! To me, that’s progress, not what a scale says.

I have been working really hard on having a healthy body image. I want to love my body in all its stages and be grateful for all it’s capable of. I don’t ever want to take that for granted.  I want my kids to know I think they’re beautiful and strong just the way they are, so I need to be an example of that too. Most days I don’t feel like I HAVE to wear makeup(before I totally did). I feel beautiful in my own skin and I’ve never felt that kind of confidence. I love dressing up and getting ready for the day every day, but I love the freedom of doing makeup only if I feel like it.

I think a lot of how I’ve grown throughout the years is who I surround myself with. My husband is always encouraging and loving to me and the kids. I also have such strong, beautiful, confident, kind, sweet and nurturing women I get to call my family and best friends. I’m also grateful for my calling at church because I serve with so many great examples of hard working, selfless women.

I’ve really been enjoying these sweet kids, they are my joy!   Here some fun pics of life lately and of course a progress pic because those are fun! The one on the left is day one of BBG when I was 4 weeks postpartum. The pic on the right is of me today after my cardio workout.

 photo 7ACB56E0-A014-4891-9D71-045BF04541C3_zpsfsthw3ka.jpg

 photo BA2D95B3-B491-47F2-845A-DA2632E72631_zps7ogkdowa.jpg

 photo 1B03AC45-BF8B-4555-8B30-E35FE05C2598_zpshnj9zeue.jpg

J is learning about presidents at preschool, can you tell which one he is?

 photo 3DCFB8D6-3687-4F69-A518-EA62F4CD0016_zps5morluvl.jpg

 photo CC45D59A-B335-4B8B-A323-A2C3CC3908AC_zps2jqupcqn.jpg

 photo 5FCAA31C-26E1-4F90-8B8D-164623EFA600_zpsshxnbwn1.jpg

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Claire Ann at 3 months

Things I want to remember about Claire at 3 months are:

  • Her social personality. She loves to coo and smile 
  • If I lay her on her back she moved her head back and forth over and over like she doesn’t like the feel of anything on the back of her head. So, she mostly sleeps on her sides. 
  • She LOVES to snuggle. I have a hard time putting her back in her bed after nighttime feedings.
  • Bath time is everyone’s favorite. I put all 3 in a bath and lily and j fight over who gets to be by claire and help me wash her hair.
  • She has hair! It’s not much but it’s the most(and darkest) of any of my kids
  • She’s chill unless she’s hungry or tired. She goes with the flow of our crazy house hold and I’m so so grateful. 

Her whole face squints when she smiles. We flew to Disneyland the week she turned 3 months and the young teenage girl sitting by me on the flight was very emotional. The minute claire started smiling the girl couldn’t help but laugh. She couldn’t stop staring and giggling with claire, it was so cute! 

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Claire Ann at 2 months

Claire has been such a sweet baby. She cries when she’s hungry, has an upset tummy and needs to go potty, or between the hour of 8-9pm haha. For some reason between 8-9pm most nights she just needs to wail and get out some extra energy(is what I’m guessing).

We switched pediatricians to an office much closer to us. This was the first appt(and Lily’s 18mo) I’ve had there and it was a good experience. I miss my old place, but I’ll get used to this one.


  • Height-22in-24%
  • Weight-10lbs 12oz-26%
  • Head-14.92in

She is so smiley, but I’m having a hard time capturing her best smile on camera. She does little side smiles a lot, but she’ll do a snails where her entire face smiles from her lips to her ears and her squinty eyes like mama. It’s my fav!

She loves:

  • Bath time
  • Sleeping on her sides
  • Nursing
  • Socializing(being talked to)
  • Her swing
  • Snuggling with mom in bed at night after mom has fallen asleep nursing
  • Being held so she can see out
  • Her siblings

She dislikes:

  • Getting dressed
  • Tummy time(she just falls asleep)
  • Getting tormented by sister

I want to remember that Claire at 2 months loves to stare and study whoever is holding her. I can tell she is really soaking in who she sees. She makes the cutes coo noises and is so close to giggling.

You can read about Lily at 2 months here

 photo 71902EE9-8B74-4677-8BA7-D93179D34FA7_zps1atubplz.jpg

 photo IMG_6376 2_zpsztduvqoe.jpg

 photo IMG_6407 2_zpstwsteqnz.jpg

 photo IMG_6406 2_zps8ocizjrc.jpg

 photo IMG_6381_zpsdpbdg95c.jpg

 photo IMG_6432 2_zpsrpp72lvw.jpg

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Lily at 18 mo

Lily at 18 months loves so many things:

  • Bath time
  • Eating- she still out eats Jackson but is a pip squeak on the scale
  • Playing outside
  • Reading books
  • Being close to mom- I love that she still finds my lap when she’s playing to take a break
  • Playing with Jackson
  • her baby dolls
  • Nursery!!! She went to her church class for the first time and didn’t care at all that I wasn’t there(she has great teachers). She has been waiting to play with those toys! She cried when we picked her up because she didn’t want to leave the doll and bottle.
  • Her binky (she now only has it at bed time and sacrament meeting!)
  • Her Muslin blankets
  • Getting dressed up-Sunday’s she can’t wait to put on a dress, shoes, bow and occasionally jewelry
  • Getting her toe nails painted
  • Dancing

She dislikes:

  • Her hair getting brushed
  • Tomatoes
  • Getting dressed
  • Being told “no”
  • Not being held


Weight-19lbs 4 oz- 10%

Height-30 in-6%

Head-18.22 in

She keeps us all on our toes and we love her. Becoming a big sister when you’re only 16 mo old is a lot to ask. She has come so far and now squeals in excitement when she sees claire. She gives her kisses and hugs and loves to hold her. There is still occasionally a hit or poke in the eye haha but we’re working on it;)

 photo C8D614D4-0921-42DD-B4BA-6116AFE56F0E_zps2zss20so.jpg

 photo IMG_6340 2_zpsuydmkgpu.jpg

 photo IMG_6337 2_zpsxuz66miw.jpg

 photo IMG_6358 2_zpssdzsuwva.jpg

 photo IMG_6355 2_zpspzausfre.jpg

 photo IMG_6347 2_zpsguxkoeuh.jpg

 photo IMG_6353 2_zps06kvkgia.jpg

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