Trial and Error: Running Nutrition

I’ve been researching and experimenting with my nutrition before a long run, during, and after.

I was nervous to sign up for my first full while breastfeeding but I’ve learned if you want to accomplish a goal, you just gotta go after it and stop making excuses. But I do need to fuel properly for my workouts so A) I don’t lose my milk B) I don’t get injured.

Here are a few things I’ve learned works for me:

Breakfast: water, 2 pieces of wheat toast with jam have been great for my stomach. Last week before my 8 miler I tried white bread with jam and an applesauce packet and my stomach felt a little off, not terrible but not great.

Drinking water AND Powerade during long runs. It’s gives me carbs, electrolytes, and an energy boost from the sugar.

^on my 9 miler last week

Taking 2-3 energy jelly beans every 30 minutes. I didn’t want to take caffeine since I’m breastfeeding and my sister told me about these. They’ve worked great! They give me the boost I need. I’m sure I’ll need to eat more during longer runs, but for runs that are 9-13 miles these are great.

^the green packet I just bought does have caffeine, I just noticed that! Haha so maybe I’ll try that packet when I’m nursing less and closer to the marathon? We’ll see…

After a run I love drinking a Light Muscle Milk that’s non dairy( I have sensitivity to dairy) because it’s so convenient and has carbs and protein to help aid in muscle recovery. The minute I get home I’m back in mommy mode and trade off with Josh so these drinks are perfect. Later on when I get a second I eat a half plate of veggies with a turkey sandwich or whatever’s in the fridge.

So far I’m feeling great and Cooper is a CHUNK! I’m trying to stretch and rest my legs when I can, but I’m a mom to 4 very active kids haha.

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Baseball and Pokémon

Josh’s old boss invited us and other previous employees to a BYU baseball game last week.

The weather, the people, the yummy food, and game was perfect! I choose to remember these fun family outings and choose to erase the ones where we try and go to Pokémon when it’s $5 Tuesday and 3 of the 4 kids(I won’t name, names)decide they would rather do anything else include lick popcorn off the theater floor!

Anyways, back to baseball. It was so fun to be back at BYU and these gorgeous pink mountains. Claire was terrified of Cosmo and J was stoked to be given a baseball from a player.

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No Naps

The other morning I had a lot of errands to run. You know, the usual; carpool, pickup groceries(best invention ever), and then I was meeting Josh near his work to look at carpet samples.

On the way home the car was quiet and all 3 babes had fallen asleep. That meant no naps would be happening. My initial response was frustration and defeat(nap time is sacred!) but as I took a second in the quiet car in the garage I decided I wasn’t going to let that ruin my day.

Instead I changed into comfy clothes, we had a late lunch, and played in our shaded back yard. My girls collected flowers for everyone in their little world; grandmas, grandpas, mom, dad, Jackson, Cooper, cousins and placed them in bowls to deliver later. I love their simple minds and sweet gestures.

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Why does speed work scare me?

Throughout my years of running, races, having babies and starting over again I always find myself nervous/scared to run fast. I really want to beat my half marathon time and break 1:50. I think I’m more than capable of it, but as I approached my first official week of speed work (6 mo postpartum) I felt scared, but also very excited.

So today, Tuesday I woke up ready to give it a go. In order to break 1:50 in the half I need to run 8:20 miles so I did a tempo run. I warmed up 1 mile, then ran 2 min at 8:20 pace(7.2mph on my treadmill) then 1 min recovery at 9:40 pace repeated 5 times. Then a cool down lap totaling 4.25mi.

Honestly, it felt great! I worked on relaxing and just letting my body be comfortable with the uncomfortable pace. I didn’t listen to any music, and just lived in the moment, took it all in.

Of course I had a few buddies with me:)

I’m excited for these big goals I have this year. I’m grateful for Josh who encouraged me to go after them and for my kids who love watching me and asking how my workout was.

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Once in a lifetime

My little sister Bree invited me to be in the room when she was due to have her 3rd baby, a baby girl. I was praying she would go into labor when Josh was home and I could put Cooper to bed(selfish of me I know!) and to my surprise, she did!

She also asked if I would take pictures. It wasn’t any ordinary birth, her Dr was going to let my mom deliver her baby( my moms dream for YEARS) and she was going natural for the first time.

^my awesome mom delivering Bree’s baby!

My sister Neeley was there too, it was such an incredible experience. I’ve been lucky enough to see 2 of my sisters give birth. Every time it’s spiritual and exhilarating.

“Each time a child is born the world is renewed in innocence.” Boyd K Packer

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Bayley’s wedding

It’s been about a month since my niece Bayley married Michael. It was such a wonderful week/weekend spent with family.

All my brothers from WA and their families made the trip down to UT and we partied all week with beautiful weather.

Friday morning we woke up to snow and made the hour + drive up north to the Ogden temple. It was a beautiful sealing and Bayley looked stunning! I was terrible at getting many pics, but wrangling 4 kids all day will do that to ya!

My kids LOVED the luncheon, photo booth, and the dance floor. It was so fun to dance with everyone. We missed all the family that couldn’t make it(Josh was there at the temple but had to leave on a business trip after the luncheon).

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I signed up for my first marathon

I did it. I’ve been talking about it for 4 years, 4 years! I’m ecstatic to finally be training for this big goal. I’ll be running the Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon in September.

A month and a half ago I started my “pre” training and began running longer runs on the weekend. I wanna build up my endurance as much as possible!

I signed up for a half marathon in June(American Fork half) and can’t wait! It’ll be a nice test run for the marathon

My first 6 miler after Cooper

7 miler

8 miler

I have felt strong during my runs and actually get excited building mileage each week. Finding new courses to run and just getting outside has been so refreshing!

During the week I’m grateful for my treadmill and my tiny cheerleaders. Every other day I’m still doing strength training(legs, arms, core).

^there’s 3 kids under that toy😂 Claire, Cooper smooshed in the middle and Lily

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Cooper at 6 months

Cooper is FINALLY sleeping. This month that was my main focus because no one was getting sleep. I wasn’t too consistent previously, and I was really trying to avoid crying it out, but he’s my first that wouldn’t use a pacifier. I tried EVERYTHING and finally realized he just needed to be left alone. I was too much for him when he was tired(he would fuss when I tried to rock him before laying down, he just wanted to be put down.

The worst of it was day 1 when he whined(not cried just kinda whined) for 75 min before he fell asleep. No, I didn’t just let him whine for that long, I went in every 5-10 min and consoled him, even picking him up a few times, but honestly he got more frustrated when I came in.

Then he fell right to sleep every time after with no crying. He still falls asleep so great. He used to wake up every 30-40 min and now when he does he just whines for a minute then he’s back down and sleeps another hour or two. He’s still waking 2 times in the night to eat, but he doesn’t need to. I’ll work on that, but I’m not too worried. We both get better sleep now that we’re in our own beds.

^when I feed him at night I steal all the sleeping snuggles I can get




Cooper at 6 months LOVES:

Eating-he wants food any time he sees someone eating. So I’ve started feeding him solids at lunch time and then I nurse him after, and then at dinner he gets solids too. He devours anything we give him and gets so happy to be eating with us haha

Bath time

Playing with his siblings

Being outside


Sucking on his muslin blanket(that’s what he sleeps with)

Rolling and scooting everywhere

Cooper doesn’t like:

Riding in his car seat at bed time or really much at all ha!

When his sisters give him TOO much love

When he rolls half of his body under the couch or into a corner

Things I want to remember about Cooper at 6 mo:

When I walk into get him from bed or in his chair he grins SO big and spins his feet and hands. He loves to nuzzle his face into my hair and has the cutest raspy laugh like Lily.

He looks just like Josh to me and I love it!

I just love having another little baby boy around. He’s such a happy chunky guy.

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Back at It

2 Saturdays ago I ran outside for the first time in about a year. I love my treadmill and that it allows me to workout with my kids, but it was so fun to get outside.

I don’t know if this is how everyone is, but I’m faster outside than I am on a treadmill and it feels like the time just cruises by. However, I have a real fear of dogs. I get so much anxiety before and during my run that a dog is going to run out after me. I carry pepper spray, ad I’ve only had to raise my arms and show dogs that I have it for them to back down, but I hate it every time! 2 dogs came running out on Saturday, but backed down.

Any who, it was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed being able to get out. Josh was out of town, but my brother and his family were in town for my nieces wedding and staying with me so they watched Lily and J while my mom watched Claire and Cooper.

I got in 6.25 miles at a 9:45 pace. I’ll take it! I didn’t know where my pace would be and it’s nice to know around where it’s at so I can set goals to get faster. I’ve looked into full marathons and narrowed it down to 2. I’m seeing how my running the next 2 weeks goes before I sign up because one is sooner than the other, so we’ll see.

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A living prophet

This weekend my family slows down and we tune in and watch General Conference. We hear from the living prophet, Russell Nelson, apostles, and other great church leaders (and eat LOTS of yummy food).

We are inspired by their words, taught by the spirit, and called to action to be better, try harder, and receive answers to questions we may have.

I’m so grateful to have this time to reflect and grow closer to Christ. There is still 1 more session today at 2pm(MST) if you’d like to tune in here!

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