4 weeks Postpartum (baby #4)

4 weeks is always a bit of a scary number for me. It seems like the baby blues always hit right around then. So far I’ve felt better than ever. I was so miserable those last couple of weeks of pregnancy it just feels so good to NOT be pregnant.

Baby blues hit hard with my third, Claire. Im not sure if it was because it was winter, or if it was because her and Lily were so close(16 months) or a combination of it all. But I did a lot of reading and searching this time around to do anything that would help me fight it this time around. So far, this has helped me:

Eating healthy. I bought a meal plan a month before I gave birth so I could get used to it and not be overwhelmed. I have loved it and I’ve enjoyed eating better foods because, surprise, I feel better! Haha I eat 400 more calories than the plan is set up for because I’m nursing, but it has been great. At 4 weeks pp I’m 6lbs away from my starting weight and I had gained 22lbs.

Getting outside. I was SO relieved(for many reasons) that he came early so I could get outside before the snow comes. I’ve gone on walks with the kids, or just ran errands just to get out and it’s been wonderful for my health.

Staying active. A week after delivery, I started walking on my treadmill at a VERY slow pace because I couldn’t get outside before Josh left for work and my walks with the kids are more stop and go style lol. It felt so good to slowly move my body a few days a week. At 3 weeks I was walking and even ran a slow mile at the end of the week. I spoke with my Dr at the hospital before they discharged me and because I didn’t tear and I was active while pregnant she told me I could do light activity. She even allowed me to have a 4 week Postpartum check up instead of 6 so I officially got cleared to workout this week at whatever intensity level, wahoo! *I’ve got major running goals that I’ll share soon!*

My girls “working out” with me.

Know it’ll pass. When I nurse I get a flood of hormones and emotions that often make me feel sad, but just for a moment. It’s so weird. But anytime it happens I tell myself it’ll pass and it always does. My mom said her and her mom always felt that way too the first couple of months nursing. I communicate to Josh how I’m feeling too and he’s so sweet to always make sure I get “me time” and is always willing to watch the kids.

Prep as much as you can. You have 9 months to prep meals, de clutter, stock up on house essentials, medicine, whatever! I love nesting so for the first couple of weeks you just have to maintain your house and enjoy your kids. Then when you’re feeling a lot better you can get back to all the things.

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Life with Cooper at 2 weeks Postpartum

*Forgot to post 2 weeks ago 😬*

Cooper is still so much a newborn, so sleepy and cuddly, I could die. He was 3 weeks early, and I think that plays a role in his sleepiness and his laziness to nurse. He’s eating great, it just takes more effort on my part to wake him up enough to eat.

The last 2 weeks Lily has been my #1 helper. She would hold Cooper all day! She also entertains Claire and has been such a sweetheart. She is such a bright light in my life.

Jackson loves Cooper as well, but he’s at all day school now and we miss him so much. He loves holding brother and entertaining the girls as well. He’s SO creative and will get the girls involved in the funnest activities.

Claire has done so well getting booted from being the baby of the family. She loves to hold Cooper and give him kisses, but doesn’t quite understand how to be soft. She has needed more attention, but she’s a sweetie and loves snuggles.

Josh gets home and helps wherever is needed and never complains about the noisy nights nursing.

I can’t wait to be able to take him out more often to see family and friends. My dr cautioned me against bringing him to too many gatherings because it’s the beginning of flu/cold season. At his 2 week check up he was 8lbs and 20 inches so he gained a pound!

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Cooper at 1 month

I know it’s so cliche but this month really has flown by but at the same time seems like time has slowed down. People constantly ask if he is our last baby and I honestly don’t know. We just take one baby at a time, so I cherish each baby as if they’re my last.

Cooper is getting some good chub on his legs, cheeks and chins!

We’re getting the hang of nursing(he’s still pretty lazy at latching) and we still co sleep most of the night because he eats so often it’s just easiest. But I am trying to start a better routine at night and trying to learn his little habits(like does he like a swaddle, a binky, his side or his back, etc.) so we’re still not sleeping a whole lot.

He like this swaddle blanket? Sack? (Im not sure what to call it)a lot.

He’s still pretty chill and sleepy, but has definitely woken up this last week. I try hard to do the sleep, eat, awake/play routine and he finally stays awake for awhile. The kids freak out when he opens his eyes lol

He’s outgrown newborn diapers and most of his newborn clothes 🙁 and his happy and healthy. The other night he giggled in his sleep and I could have died! It was so cute!

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The plague

Flu season is quickly approaching and my house was hit hard. Of course we all got the flu shot but it never matters.

A week after I gave birth to Cooper, I got the worst stomach flu. 24 hours of body aches and other gross things that left me so tired and weak. Luckily my mom and Joshs mom came to the rescue and watched my kids ALL day because Josh was out of town for work.

Breastfeeding while sick is probably the worst feeling and that’s saying a lot..I had just given birth naturally a week before haha.

Luckily it passed and I survived with all the help I received(my sweet friend helped with carpooling too!). It’s the best feeling to feel good again. The next day I washed all the bedding, scrubbed the house, Cloroxed everything and Lysoled everything right after(dramatic? Maybe…). Josh was a bit sick while on his work trip but I thought we were in the clear.

Fast forward a week later(last night) and Jackson threw up once and then felt better, and then Claire blew out of her diaper and had a low grade fever. Josh was a rock star and dealt with it all while I tended to Cooper. Luckily everyone is feeling better today, so I’m hoping we’re all on the mend and there are no more surprises tonight and we can all get back to snuggling.

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The room with the view

I’ve had all 4 of my babies in the same hospital and each time I’ve gotten lucky and got the room with the best view(in my opinion, who knows maybe they all have great views?)of the beautiful Utah mountains. It’s one of my VERY favorite things about the hospital, (the staff is great too). I didn’t think to capture every pic with every baby but I remember.

Jackson was a beautiful summer day, bright blue skies and big brown mountains.

Lily was another bright sunny day and the moon was a HUGE full blue moon.

Claire was born on the first snow fall. It was dark but the snow covered mountains lit up the night sky.

Cooper was born when fall was still bright and colorful. The trees were loud with color and the mountain was a rainbow.

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Girls Park City Trip 2018

Every year my sisters, mom and I try and go on an overnight weekend getaway usually to Park City(it’s only 40 minutes away).

This year we headed up in October and headed to dinner as soon as we arrived. We went to our usual spot, Blur Iguana except when we walked in it looked a little different and the place was EMPTY. The waiter informed us it’s now called Tekila and it was the first day they opened. We were a little hesitant but we were starving so we stayed. Luckily we did because we were the only ones the whole time so we got the best service! They gave us free appetizers, (the fresh guacamole was to die for!) one free entree, and free dessert. We felt like celebrities.

I sent this pic to josh cuz I couldn’t believe how empty it was hah

We walked around Main Street for a bit and then headed back to the hotel where my sisters surprised me with baby gifts! It was so sweet. They also rubbed my feet, my sister Neeley foot zoned me, and we stayed up way too late eating yummy treats and laughing.

The next morning we worked out at the gym, got our nails done, and ate more food for lunch. We even ran into Katherine Heigl! It was such a fun weekend, I wish my brothers and their wives lived closer so we could all hang out!

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A visit from Singapore (Oct 18’)

Josh’s parents moved to Singapore(for his dads work) for the next 3 years but the past couple of weeks they’ve been here visiting. We’re living it up and luckily Lee Ann made it just in time for Coopers arrival.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking of some of the fun adventures we’ve had.

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Halloween 2018

I was SO glad we were able to have Coopers first Halloween this year and I wasn’t still pregnant.

This year Josh took the kids to our church party while I stayed home with Claire and Cooper(I’m trying hard to keep Cooper away from large crowds or gatherings for prob a few months).

The next day was Halloween and I took the girls to J’s school parade. They had so much fun seeing all the costumes while my mom rocked Cooper at home❤️ I’ve had so much support from both grandmas and Josh, it’s been so nice to still be able to get out AND keep Coop healthy.

That night we went to my moms for dinner and trick or treating. The neighborhood right next to here goes all out for Halloween and is pretty flat so it’s perfect for the kids. We got home and J passed out candy for awhile. It was so funny to see how much he was loving that. He says next year we need to get home earlier so he can pass out candy longer.

Claire probably stole the show this year. She was SO adamant she walk by herself to each house, hold her bucket, and hold her Minnie ears. She was slow, but determined. She would say the cutest “Happy Halloween” to everyone and “tank yew.” She has loved all things Halloween this month.

Lily had a lot of fun running to each house with Grandma and made sure to hold grandmas hand the whole time. She’s the cutest tiny ballerina.

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Cooper Dean’s Birth Story

This will be lengthy, I don’t want to forget anything! Let’s back up to the afternoon before I went into labor.

Sunday October 21st started out like any Sunday, nice and lazy. We all slept in, went to our 1pm church, came home and got ready to go to dinner at my mom’s house with all my sisters and their families. Throughout the day I kept feeling the need to nest and get things ready, but I could only hope baby boy would join us that week sometime after my 37 week check up on Tuesday the 24th.

We headed to my moms, ate a delicious Sunday dinner of roast, mashed potatoes and my moms best gravy(my fav meal) and then my sister Neeley foot zoned me for the 3rd time this pregnancy. This time was the first time my feet felt really tender.

We went home and went to bed at 10:30pm and at 1:30am I woke up because I felt water(or what I was hoping was water) run down my leg.  Now it’s been awhile since I’ve wet the bed(haha) so I was hoping it was my water. Luckily, when I stood up more water came, and didn’t stop throughout my whole labor. I wasn’t feeling any contractions at this point besides minor ones that I feel during most of my last trimester. I had never had my water break on its own, so we headed to the hospital as soon as Josh, my parents, and I were ready so about 2am. My dad stayed with the kids till Josh’s mom Lee Ann got to the house to stay the night.

My last belly shot(37 weeks)


By the time we got checked in and a room, it was about 3am. The nurse(Whitney<–She was THE best) checked and it was indeed my water that broke and I was 4cm and 70% effaced. We texted family and got excited! I walked around a bit in my room, they got an IV started just in case I needed any meds, and we waited. My sister Neeley came down and it was really nice to have family there to talk to and keep my distracted. My sister Bree made it just in time about 10 min before Cooper arrived.


At 5am I was 5cm dilated and still hadn’t felt very painful contractions. I started getting a little discouraged because I didn’t know if we would be waiting all day. I moved positions and then the nurse came back in and suggested I get a bag of saline because my contractions were cutting short which usually is a sign of dehydration. So she hooked it up to my IV and within a few minutes my contractions became more steady and more powerful. I rested for the next hour and just let my body do it’s thing. By 6 am I was feeling a lot more painful contractions, I had dilated to a 6. The pain was all still very manageable as long as I just kept breathing through them. One of the most awkward parts of natural birth for me was not knowing what to do with my arms and legs. I know that sounds so weird haha but when you’re in pain your natural instinct is to curl in a ball. But with birth you want to stay as relaxed as possible and let the contractions do what they need to do. I remember laughing with my sister(after a contraction, not during ha) because I told her I didn’t know what to do with my limbs! She said she had never heard it put that way but she totally remembered that feeling. It took a lot of self control to just stay relaxed during each painful contraction, it helped a lot to know they would end and I would get a break.


By 7am I was getting closer because my contractions were getting intense. Nurse Whitney showed Josh and my mom how to use counter pressure…that was a LIFESAVER! Seriously, counter pressure felt so good. During my contractions they would squeeze my hips in, I don’t know why that works, but it was awesome. By 7:30am I told the nurse(new nurse, Whitney had just ended her shift:( )  I needed to push and she wanted to check me. I told her no, but the next second that I wasn’t feeling as much pain(at this point my contractions were rolling) she checked me and said I was a 7.   I insisted I needed to push, NOW, so I did. She asked if I could just breathe for 1 minute my Dr would be there and that she was trying to page her. I started pushing while laying on my left side and Josh and my mom did counter pressure on my hip. I told the nurse the baby was there, so they quickly turned me to my back just in time for the nurse to catch him. Right as they put him on my chest, my Dr walked in. He was delivered at 7:58am.

It was such a wonderful experience. I had never gone natural before and it was so incredible. Josh cut the cord, then I held him/nursed him for an hour before they weighed him. 6lbs 14oz 20 inches long.

Josh got to name him, and he chose(and I agreed with) Cooper Dean(my dad’s middle name).

We are just so happy he is here. More posts to come, so if you have any questions let me know!

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Baby Bump Update(baby #4): 36 weeks

*Posting 2 weeks late, because I forgot to hit publish!*

I can’t believe I’m already 36 weeks! I don’t feel like this pregnancy has gone by too fast, but it IS crazy to think we’re gonna have another little babe in 2 weeks or less(my dr. will induce that early because baby boy is on the LARGE size).


This week I’ve managed a few workouts, but I saved a lot of my energy to nest/clean the house. I just haven’t had a lot of motivation to workout, my body aches, especially my back.  So I’m just taking the pressure off and doing whatever I feel like haha.

I had my appointment and I’ve gone from a 1.5cm to 2.5cm dilated and from 50%-60% effaced. Progress is good, so next week at my 37 week appointment she’ll strip my membranes. That is what has always jump started labor for me in the past, so I’m hopeful we’ll get to meet baby boy VERY soon.

I put up his bed in our bedroom this week, filled is dresser with washed clothes, packed his bag and my hospital bag, so I’m ready!

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