A Bro to a Bro

It was this time last year that we found out we were pregnant with Mr. Cooper. We were all thrilled! Jackson couldn’t wait to find out if it was a boy or girl.

I posted a video on my Instagram when he found out and he was SO excited! I said, “are you ready to be a big bro to a bro??”

Jackson has been such a sweet big brother. He’s patient, loving, and always willing to play with his sisters. But to see him with his bro has been so fun. He can’t wait to actually play with him. For now, they snuggle, read books, and J does everything possible to make him laugh. His favorite thing to do is help me bathe him in the morning before he’s off to school.

“God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be.”

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Cooper at 4 months

We’re seeing more and more of Coopers personality and he is so sweet, wiggly, and interactive. I’ll set him in the high chair(yes he’s already in that!)and the kids swarm him. He opens his mouth as wide as possible and doesn’t shut it till they leave, he just beams!

His stats:


Height- 5%

Head- 30%

He’s getting good at tummy time, nursing and sleeping in his crib.

Speaking of sleeping, I started sleep training him. I do this at 4 months because my babies don’t need to nurse all night anymore, they get wiggly in bed with me, and we both sleep better in our own space. It takes me 2 weeks to get into a good schedule and getting to know how they like to sleep/put themselves to sleep. It’s a TIRING/difficult process, but in the end it’s SO worth it and my babies are always so much happier because they’re getting quality sleep(and me too!). It’s the best feeling when I finally figure out their little sleeping habits. Cooper does NOT like to be swaddled, a binky or rocked before bed. I wrap him in a muslin blanket wth his arms free, then simply put him in his crib awake(ideally 15 min BEFORE he normally sleeps when he’s still happy) while I sing him a lullaby, then a noise machine turned on while he talks and coos himself to sleep.

^those little hands on the right ready to grab him when in reach haha his siblings Really love him.

He’s still nursing exclusively and does great with a bottle when I need to use one(so grateful for that).

He loves bath time, getting his diaper changed, and his siblings. He doesn’t care for his binky much and tries SO hard to suck on his thumb but I stop him when I can haha

^Valentines Day morning. He hadn’t had his bath yet and still in his sleep sack(sometimes he sleeps in one of those) but couldn’t miss out on the photo haha

I love him so much my heart could burst!

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San Diego 2019

The last couple of years for Christmas we have decided to give the kids a trip as a family. We love planning them for February when the Utah weather is cold and we need a little vitamin D.

This year we went to San Diego where we spent a day in Lego Land, and then a day at the Safari Park. It was such a fun trip! The kids did great(4 kids on a plane made me nervous but getting all their STUFF there stressed me out!) luckily it all went really well. Only a few short meltdowns the whole trip so I call that a success.

The day we arrived we went straight to the beach to see the sea lions. The kids loved playing in the sun. Then we headed to dinner with my sweet friend Heather and her family. My kids were so tired after dinner so we headed straight to the hotel and crashed.

^at dinner where the bff’s Milla and Lily reunited:)

The next day Heather and her family showed us such a fun time at Lego Land. It was perfect for all the ages of my kids and it wasn’t crowded at all. We went on all the rides several times and the kids loved all the different play places.

Friday we headed to the Safari Park. Our Claire bug LOVES animals. All my kids enjoyed it, but Claire was so cute squealing at all the different animals. Cooper really enjoyed being outside and nursed great on the go all week.

After walking for 2 days they were ready to snuggle in bed the rest of the night! We got treats and watched whatever we could find on the TV.

^the day we got back was Josh’s birthday! We celebrated with one of his favorite dinners, dessert, and presents.

Family time is my favorite time. It’s A LOT of work, but Josh and I try and laugh through it all.

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At the Crossroads

Something I experienced growing up was my parents being at the crossroads in my life. They said morning prayer with me before I left for school, my mom was home when I got back, ready to talk, listen, or help with anything I needed.

Most importantly my mom waited up for me on the weekends as a teenager, no matter how late I got back. I knew if I was out, she would be there waiting to greet me and hear how my night was. Those small acts kept me out of a lot of trouble.

Now, my oldest is 7 and I try really hard to be at the crossroads for him. I’ve learned he’s VERY talkative right after school and right before bed time(he’s sneaky). I try and make sure that when he gets home I have no other distractions because he will want my full attention and wants to talk about his day. I love these moments with my J man. He walks back and forth shoveling snacks into his mouth(or this particular day he was tossing a ball)telling me all about his important first grade life.

Then, I’ll need to start dinner, everyone’s awake from naps and my attention is pulled 100 different ways until bed time.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions it is our job to share our calm not join their chaos.” L.R. Knost

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Q & A Part 1


I think this is the first Q& A I have done on the blog! It’s one of my favorite posts to read on others blogs, so thanks for sending your questions over on Instagram! We’ll just jump right in since my baby could wake at any time ha ha.

Q: How did you and your husband meet?

We both worked in the BYU Athletics building(he was in Athletic Marketing and I was the front desk secretary). My roommate worked directly with him so I would go chat with her and got to know him. He asked me out and the rest is history!

Q: How are your kids and being a mom of 4?

They’re great! Thanks for asking. Being a mom of 4 has been really fun. I know that sounds crazy, but I really love being a mom. Of course I have crazy/overwhelming days, but overall it’s been really wonderful. The kids are all so helpful and really love baby Cooper.

*helping with laundry before bed

Q: What time do your kids wake up in the morning? And if they wake up before 5/6am how do you get them to go back to sleep?

They all wake up about 7:30am. Claire(she’s #3 and 2 years old) often wakes up when Josh leaves for work about 7am. If any of them started waking up earlier I can explain to the older ones that they can’t come out of their bed till their alarm clock turns green(bought it on amazon). But if it was a child younger than 2 then  I would 1. see if they can get themselves back to sleep 2. go in and tuck them back in without talking to them(when you talk to them they think it’s time to wake up) and 3. if none of those work I would see if they are getting enough to eat before bed, if they have a fever, teething, have a messy diaper…if you can answer all those and they are still waking up, then I would keep doing 1 &2 until they understood when wake up time is.

Q: I’m wanting to run a half marathon and have never done one before. What training schedule do you recommend?

Congrats on wanting to run your first half, that’s so exciting! I have ran 11 half marathons and  I love recommending this guide (scroll to the bottom of that page and you will find a 12 week schedule) to those that are running their first. It’s perfect for beginners and after my first I felt it adequately prepared me to run the 13.1 miles. I didn’t worry about time at all with my first, my goal was simply to finish and not walk at all. Let me know how it goes and ask any additional questions you may have. Good luck!


Q: How do you only have a little treat a day? I always eat all the treats if I start with a little one.

This is a great question. I love sweets and I have learned if I say “no” to any one food category I will binge and eat ALL of it when I get the chance. I have been learning how to eat intuitively for about 4 years now. I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry and stop  when I’m satisfied NOT  uncomfortably full. I follow this meal plan and get my veggies in first to nourish my body and then eat something that satisfies my taste buds whether that’s a turkey sandwich, a salad, or pizza. Then if I’m still wanting a little something sweet then I have a cookie, chocolate or whatever I’m craving. On special nights  I do eat more dessert than other days because I like to enjoy yummy food with my family. often when I binge eat something it’s because I’m stressed, sad, bored etc so if I feel like I’m over eating  I try and stop and ask myself the “why” of eating that way and address/solve that issue another way than with eating. Chewing gum helps me for eating when I’m bored.

That’s all I have time for today, but if you have any questions leave them in the comments on here, FB, or on my last Instagram photo.

If you have anything to add, share that too!

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Miracles will begin to happen

While my 2 babies nap and Lily has quiet time in her room I’ve started taking the time to study my scriptures. For just a few moments all you hear is my laundry tumbling in the dryer and dinner simmering in the crock pot(if I’ve remembered to start it😅).

I bought a new Book of Mormon journal edition so I could have room to take notes or inspiration I receive. I’m re-reading the Book of Mormon and highlighting all the characteristics of Christ that our Prophet Russel Nelson suggested so I can really get to know my Savior and gain a stronger testimony of Him. It has been an enlightening opportunity whether I get 15 min or just 5 before I’m needed again. I feel His love for me and in return I can share His love with others.

“As you read, I would encourage you to mark each verse that speaks of or refers to the Savior. Then, be intentional about talking of Christ, rejoicing in Christ, and preaching of Christ with your families and friends.You and they will be drawn closer to the Savior through this process. And changes, even miracles, will begin to happen.” President Nelson

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Baked Goods

I don’t mind cooking, but baking is something I really enjoy. I turn on some music, usually some Nora Jones and create in the kitchen. Sometimes the kids are really involved and sometimes I do it while they’re napping.

There’s something so fun and special about enjoying dessert with family on a cold winter night.

A few Sundays ago I attempted my first cinnamon rolls(I’m a HUGE cinnamon roll lover) and they turned out oh so yummy! I forgot an after pic, but everyone at my parents house ate them up!

the next week I made monkey bread

Oh and cookies, I love cookies(and dough)

and finally my first chocolate mouse pie(Josh’s favorite).

My postpartum diet is going GREAT thanks for asking 😉

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Ballet Sisters

For Christmas this year the girls got ballet outfits and lessons. If you remember Halloween Lily was a ballerina and has been begging for lessons. I knew if Lily took lessons Claire would want them too(they have to have everything the same these days).

Luckily my sister in law Whit found the perfect place that would allow both to participate. They’re jus too cute!

*there’s only 4 girls in their class but the other day all the 3yr old classes came together

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Baptism preview

A couple weeks ago Jackson, Josh and I were invited to a baptism preview. I was totally surprised by this invitation because surely someone made a mistake, there’s just no way my baby is turning 8 this year. But alas, no mistake, Jackson will be 8 in August and has the choice to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We’ve started studying and memorizing scriptures together as a family in preparation.

Jackson is a leader and loves his siblings and is so SO patient with his wild sisters.

Love you J man!

Baptism is a sacred ceremony, or ordinance, through which a person promises to follow Jesus Christ. The baptismal ordinance symbolizes the washing away of sins and is necessary to become a member of Christ’s Church.

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Cooper at 3 months

We see smiles, we hear rare giggles, and the kids love that Cooper “talks” with them. It’s hard getting J out the door to school because her really loves his morning hang outs with Cooper(he’s so so happy in the morning.

He still loves everything from last month, and I would have to add under his dislikes; riding in his car seat. More specifically when the car stops.

He received THE sweetest gift from my moms best friend Leslie. She HAND made this beautiful quilt. It matches his nursery perfectly and is so soft. We’re in love with it! Thanks again Leslie.

He’s on a good schedule:

7am- wakes up with mom I nurse him and then he comes to the basement with me while I workout(the other kids are still sleeping)

8:30am- takes a nap

9:30am- wakes up and nurses, plays, back down for a nap repeated until 8pm.

At 8 we get all our babes ready for bed, say prayers, and say goodnight. Cooper goes down (in his bassinet next to my bed)and wakes at 10(I nurse him and put him back down), then he’s asleep till 2 I nurse him and put him back down till 5:30, then he’s up at 7.

Some nights are different and he’s up a lot or he sleeps longer. This week he got his first stuffy nose(the kids CAN NOT stay away from him). So he’s been up a lot. I snuggle them most nights when they’re sick so he can sleep up right in my chest.

He’s wearing some 3 mo clothes but mostly 6mo clothes and size 3 diapers. He’s a big boy!

He’s looking more like Jackson to me. I want to remember how he he pats my chest while he nurses and how he nuzzles into my side when we sleep. I love that I’m his calm safe place.

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