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Laughing is better than crying, it’s a fact

Enter Tub People Julie Bag giveaway here!!! (you’re chances are still pretty high) Workout Tuesday-rest Wednesday- 4.5 miles outside with Heather + leg workout It was such a great run. Seriously, Heather makes it hard to run because we laugh … Continue reading

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Running buddies > no buddy

Workout Friday- 4 miles outside with Heather + crunches and planks Is anyone else having a hard time remembering what day it is this week? It has been so nice being able to sleep in, wait till it’s out of … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let friends sleep in

Workout Monday night- soccer game, won 7:5 =) Tuesday- ran 3.58 miles outside with Brittany I’m so proud of Brittany! We ran just over 2 miles straight without stopping. I’ve slowly been making her run with me, and today was … Continue reading

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Water Fountain, socks, and my little sister

Workout Monday- 5 miles, 4.5-8:37 pace, .5 mile cool down with Heather Sheesh, I could barely hold conversation on my run yesterday with Heather. I politely let her talk most of the time while I tried to keep up. Honestly, … Continue reading

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Pool Day and Running(this is it)

Workout Monday- 6 miles with Heather + Shoulder workout I’m not sure a Monday could get any better than the Monday I had yesterday. I know Mondays are usually awful for the rest of the world, but for this stay … Continue reading

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Highlights and Burn

Workout Friday- 3.71 mi run with my friend Vanessa It was so much fun catching up with her and getting a nice run in before the day starts. It was a bit early(for me, V gets up way before the … Continue reading

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